Free & Premium with GD Star Rating 2.0

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GD Star Rating 2.0 is in development, but, with lack of free time, it’s getting delayed. Now, I can confirm that Alpha #1 version will be released on August 1 2011. Plugin will remain free, but many used wanted to know about premium support status for the new version and extras that will include.

xScape: What’s coming in 2011

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xScape Theme Framework has come a long way this year, but there are plenty of things that are coming soon. Long list of features I have is constantly changing and updating, and I will share here some of the plans I have for expanding xScape Framework in the 2011.

Core of GD Star Rating 2.0 Completed

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Good news. Core for GD Star Rating 2.o is done (more or less). Next step now will be to add rating types classes, make administration interface and implement everything for the front-end. Here you will find more info about how the new plugin will be organized and some other core stuff.

Central Documentation

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Central Documentation is a new feature on Dev4Press for all premium users. It will cover all plugins, themes and xScape framework, and in time general WordPress related documents will be added. Plan is to add several new documents (or more) each day.

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