Cross-selling purchase discounts

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For the past few weeks some of the products on Dev4Press were set to include cross-selling offers on checkout. But, starting today, all Dev4Press products include cross-selling offers that will go from 10% to 30% and it will be available only from ShareIt checkout page.

Measuring impact of plugins on WordPress loading

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One of the best things about WordPress are plugins. With plugins you can expand WordPress and make it into anything you need it to be. But, each plugin requires time for loading and processing and it takes up additional resources. How much exactly one plugin need?

List of 20 plugins used on Dev4Press

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There is no rule on how many plugins a WordPress powered website needs. There were many discussion on the ‘right number of plugins’ website should have, but the point is that you can use as many plugins as you want. So, how many plugins are used to run Dev4Press website?

Updating Dev4Press website

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It’s been a while since the Dev4Press website is redesigned, and it’s time to make some changes. The theme used will remain the same (lightScape), but will get new color scheme and few more visual improvements. Data organization will be changed a lot to rely fully on custom post types.

GD Press Tools 4.2 Pro

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After several months of development and testing, new major release of GD Press Tools Pro is here. Version 4.2 has a long changelog, but focus in this one is new backup module, new auto tagger module, Sucuri free security scan, many bugs fixed and many improvements to rest of the plugin.

Coming Soon: GD Products Center

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GD Products Center is a new plugin that will get its first release in exactly 10 days from now. This time I will give you short history on how and why this plugin got made and what features are planned for the first release, and you will see couple of images from the plugin interface.

New Free Plugin: GD Unit Converter 1.0.0

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GD Unit Converter is our new and free plugin that adds simple to use administration dashboard widget for converting values for currency, time, speed, length, temperature and more between different units. More categories and units for conversion will be added in future versions.

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