xScape Themes and GD Affiliate Center

New version of xScape framework will have direct integration support for our GD Affiliate Center plugin. Ad positions in the themes and single ad widget will support this plugin. Plugin will soon get more widgets for displaying ads, and more ad positions will be added into themes.

On april 26 2010, xScape 1.3 will be released and existing themes updated to use and to allow use of GD Affiliate Center plugin. Widget for single ad has a new option to use the plugin and select filtering based on ad size and affiliate. Same goes for header ad in the baseScape theme. More locations for ads will be added in different theme locations and all will support this plugin.

But, that’s not all. If you decide to purchase Standard or Developer membership license for xScape Themes, and you don’t already have license for GD Affiliate Center plugin, you will get Standard Membership License for the GD Affiliate Center. License for it will be valid as long as the themes license is valid.

More info on integration of this plugin and themes will follow soon.

GD Affiliate Center:

xScape Themes:

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