List of 20 plugins used on Dev4Press

There is no rule on how many plugins a WordPress powered website needs. There were many discussion on the ‘right number of plugins’ website should have, but the point is that you can use as many plugins as you want. So, how many plugins are used to run Dev4Press website?

Dev4Press website currently uses 20 plugins. From that number, 7 plugins are Dev4Press made plugins, one is modded HeadSpace plugin, and 12 plugins are from different developers. Considering the number of features used on Dev4Press, this is very low number of plugins, mostly thanks to GD Press Tools Pro and GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro that can replace so many individual plugins. But, lets see all the plugins used in alphabetical order:

  1. After The Deadline –
    WordPress basic spell-checker that is part of editor is replaced by this, much powerful plugin. It has many options that are set per user and include contextual spell-checking, grammar checking and style checking. A must use plugin for any website that deals with a lot of text.
  2. Antispam Bee –
    Couple of weeks back I have written about replacing Akismet with Antispam Bee. After a while, Antispam Bee has proven as a great replacement and permanent addition to my websites. It is very effective in eliminating spam, easy to setup and it takes much less resources than Akismet.
    This is the only forum plugin that truly integrates into WordPress and uses post types to implements forums, topics and replies. And it is one of many plugins directly integrated with my xScape Theme Framework. This is not as complex forum as they can be, but it is lightweight with great potential to expand. If you need extra fields in the topic and replies forms, you can use my  GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro to expand it.

    dev4Press Control - Uploader
    dev4Press Control - Uploader
  4. Dev4Press
    This is not plugin you will be able to get and use. It is written for Dev4Press website and it adds management for Pro users, purchases, downloads, newsletters and integration with the theme to provide user experience you see on Dev4Press.
  5. Dev4Press
    Users of Dev4Press Pro plugins and themes know about this plugin. With this plugin you can install and update all Dev4Press plugins very simply, similar to WordPress repository plugins updates. It is compatible with ManageWP service.
  6. GD Affiliate Center
    Visitors on Dev4Press see few affiliate banners in the sidebar. They are managed with this plugin. It is a powerful affiliate and ads management plugin, and it seamlessly integrates with xScape Theme Framework to provide with simple way of adding ads into your website. It supports banners, text links or any custom ad code like one used for GoogleAds.
  7. GD bbPress
    There are many things you might miss if you use bbPress compared to other full forum solutions. With this plugin, you will get the attachments implemented. You can set up many things with this plugin, and all uploads are handled natively by the WordPress media library.
  8. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools
    Dev4Press uses 7 custom post types (documentation, features of the day, plugins, themes…) and 4 custom taxonomies. But, that is not all, with this plugin I have 8 custom meta boxes for different post types, use of widgets and many more things that are implemented through this plugin (custom rewrite rules, improved content management, theme integration functions…).
    I have modded the HeadSpace2 plugin to fix the issues with custom post types and custom taxonomies. I plan to replace this plugin with GD Press Tools Pro soon, but for now, this is a great SEO solution.

    GD Press Tools Pro - Partial Stats
    GD Press Tools Pro - Partial Stats
  10. GD Press Tools
    With this one plugin you can replace hundreds of other plugins (depending on what you need). From enhanced administration, backup, auto tagging, security, maintenance, SEO, debugging and many more things, I can’t even imagine running a website without it. It has full support for WordPress multisite/network mode.
  11. GD Star
    One more of my plugins, here is used for posts and comments ratings. It is fully integrated with my xScape Theme Framework themes, and it can be used with any theme. I know that development of GD Star Rating 2.0 has been much slower than I wanted, but new version is coming along.
  12. Gravity
    This is one of the best plugins ever made for WordPress. If you need to add even a simplest form to your website, look no further. It is commercial plugin, but no free plugin comes even close to Gravity Forms. I have written a review of this plugin, and you can check it out here.
  13. Lightbox
    In my opinion best implementation for lightbox like image display jQuery plugin (implements Colorbox). It is very easy to set up and use, and it behaves very unobtrusive. It has many different lightbox display styles that can fit with any website theme design.
  14. Regenerate
    Simple and very useful plugin that makes resizing images into thumbnails very easy in case you add or change thumbnails sizes or other custom image sizes. You can read my review of this plugin here.
  15. Subscribe to Comments
    Also another must have plugin. It will add very important subscribe feature for your users and visitors to get information about comment replies, making discussion in posts easy and more engaged. It is massively improved over original Subscribe to Comments plugin, and it is powerful to set up and use. It can be integrated with any theme (with a bit of template modifications).
  16. SyntaxHighlighter
    If you have a need to display source code in your posts, look no further. This is the only plugin you will need, and from my experience, the only one that actually works as expected. It supports color styling and wide range of programing languages.
  17. TinyMCE
    Many of the standard features of the TinyMCE editor that is built into WordPress are disabled by default. This includes controls for tables and other things. With this plugin, using drag and drop interface you can rearrange all buttons on the editor toolbars, add extra toolbars and many more new controls.
    Some of the videos for premium tutorials are hosted on Dev4Press, and this plugin is used to embed those videos into posts. Very simple and easy to use, supports HTML5 videos.
  19. W3 Total
    You can’t say anything new about this plugin. It is a absolute must have for any website, it will make integration with CDN easy, it can minify and cache content. As long as you don’t use object and database caching, this plugin will improve your website speed, and free a lot of server resources.
  20. YOURLS: WordPress to
    I am using YOURS for my own domain to set up URL shortening ( And this system can be used directly through WordPress with this plugin. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro can integrate with this plugin, and I have also contributed some improvements and fixes to it.

Thanks to my own plugins, I only use 20 plugins for a very complex website like Dev4Press. How many plugins you use (active, not only installed) on your website?

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