GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 1.4 Lite

Pro version of the plugin is updated for WordPress 3.2 compatibility, and now the Lite is also. Lite also got few more post types features for rewriting improvements, code that generates registration data for post types and taxonomies got updated and few cosmetic changes added.

Rewrite options for post types now have additional custom slugs and extra options for feeds and pages extra rewrite rules. All rewrite options are organized in separate fields on the editor for post type. Registration procedure is update to better handling different capability options settings. Few things on the user interface are updated for compatibility with new WordPress 3.2, and new panel is update with upgrade to Pro edition info about features in the Pro edition of the plugin. Due to many changes in this version, please test it and report back any problems with it.

As always, check out the Pro version of the plugin and many more features that are built into it.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro:

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16 thoughts on “GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 1.4 Lite”

  1. When selecting the Post Type to associate a new Taxonomy with, it does not allow you to remove “Posts [posts]” and if you select “all,” even if you manually deselect every option, “all” remains.

    A similar issue is present when creating a new CPT, it won’t allow you to properly deselect a taxonomy.

    Or it may be better to say that changes made to these options are not saved.


          1. I can’t access either of them, I get message to log in because it’s marked as private. In anycase, new version is coming out late tonight with no drop down controls (it’s not working in Firefox 5 as it should be, in Firefox 4 was OK).

          2. I apologize. I have made the 2nd link public in case you still want to view it.

            I’ll look for the update. Thanx.

          3. No worries (images are not showing still). Problem was combination of drop down plugin I used, new jQuery and new Firefox.

  2. 1.4.1 Lite is released. Simpler checkbox selection for plugin editors. Removed all jqueryui specific code, images and styling. Removed dropdown checklist due to browsers problems.

    1. Register link is in the top menu. As for modifying code, I am not sure what adjustments to what generated PHP you need exactly. Right now, only 2 options in post types are not supported by the plugin (menu position and icon), and they will be added in the next version (Pro supports them for a while now), so I am not sure what manual changes can be made that are not already supported.

      1. Thanx for adding the register link.

        Which adjustments? I can’t say, but I know that I always end up needing/wanting to look at code generated by a plugin, especially if I’m creating additional assets to work with the generated asset. For example, a single-*.php or a page template. I just feel better knowing what it looks like and knowing what’s in all my files. Also, I like to keep a copy of things so that if I have to uninstall something due to a theme/plugin conflict (or just because) and am able to reinstall it later and the code generated by the second install doesn’t work like the first install, I can always compare the code to see the differences.

        I don’t usually use plugins for what I can write myself because it’s usually easier to trace errors that I wrote, but yours really does cut my production time down by half, so I was happy to use it.

        Is there some danger in sharing this information with me?

        1. No, but code is split into many files depending on usage and it maybe sometimes complicated to follow. In any case, to generate registration code for the post type and taxonomies, code is on top of code/functions.php file. Pro version has option to display registration function that is generated for post type or taxonomy, among other things.

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