Core themes conversion: eScape, airScape, photoScape

eScape, photoScape and airScape are now converted to Core versions. Old, standalone themes will not be updated anymore. New core versions bring some minor fixes to themes, improvements to login form styling for WordPress 3.3 and they requires xScape Core 1.7.8 or newer.

If you are new on Dev4Press, Core theme is basically a child theme. Parent or main theme is called xScape Core. We are currently converting all our themes to new Core/Child theme versions. lightScape is next on the list, and is now available in this format. Old, standard theme version is no longer updated. Here is the info about Core conversion: It can happen that after update, some theme template layouts can’t be edited. In that case, you need to reset the layouts for the theme. This is very, very rare and I only have seen it once during tests, and it might not happen at all. If you notice any problems with templates for the theme, or bugs in display, please leave the comment here or in the forums.

In the next week, 3 remaining themes will be converted to Core versions, and with that there will be no more updates for old themes, only core editions will be updated and all new themes will be only core editions. But, more importantly, xScape Theme Framework 1.8 will be released by the end of this month bringing massive optimization for the framework loading and few other changes. There will be no new features, just a cleanup and optimization to start with further development in 2012.

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