Buy GD Products Center Pro and get another plugin for free

During this month, we offer you a very special deal: Buy GD Products Center Pro plugin and get another premium Dev4Press plugin for free. And, to first purchase every day we will give one xScape Theme Framework powered theme for free.

If you buy GD Products Center Pro during this month, you can get completely free one of these plugins:

  1. GD Press Tools Pro | plugin info
  2. GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro | plugin info
  3. GD Affiliate Center Pro | plugin info
  4. GD aZon FUSION Pro | plugin info
  5. GD Simple Widgets Pro | plugin info

And, to first purchase of GD Products Center Pro plugin every day, as a bonus we will give completely free one theme based on xScape Theme Framework. Start of the day will be considered to be midnight in the CET time zone (UTC+1).  Bonus will be available only if you made a purchase without using any discount codes! If you have a valid discount code, and you prefer to get discount, use the code, but you will not get bonus plugin (and theme).

So, if you buy GD Products Center Pro Standard Lifetime license, bonus plugin will be also with Lifetime license. If you buy one of the annual recurring payments licenses, same license will be used for bonus plugin. Bonus plugin license will remain active as long as your GD Products Center Pro license is active. So, if you get recurring license, and you stop payments after first year, both plugins licenses will be deactivated.

How to get bonus plugin (and theme) for free?

It is very simple, and here are step by step instructions:

  1. Buy GD Products Center Pro. You can initiate purchase from this or official plugin website. Make sure NOT to use discount code during the purchase.
  2. Once the purchase is processed, you will get normal email confirmation from Get Purchase ID from this notification.
  3. Go to Dev4Press contact form page (set Feedback Type to Promotion) and send us the message using email you used for purchase, include Purchase ID and name of the plugin you want to get from the list on the top. To get the plugin, you must do this during this month, while the deal is active.
  4. Chosen plugin license will be added within 24 hours since you send the message through the contact form.

That’s it. We will add new plugin (and theme if your purchase was first for the day) to your account on Dev4Press. Please, follow the rules listed here, we will not give plugin if the rules are not met and that especially goes to use of discount coupons. If you use coupon, you can’t get extra plugin for free.

Last day to get this deal is March 31 2012.

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2 thoughts on “Buy GD Products Center Pro and get another plugin for free”

  1. Hi Milan, great offer. Is it also possible to combine it with GD Star Rating premium support, I’m very interested in this combined with GDPC Pro?

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    1. Hi, only Pro plugins licenses are available for this deal.

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