Planned features for GD Star Rating 2.0

With first Alpha of the GD Star Rating 2.0 coming soon, here is the official features list. Over time, this list will include versions when the feature is implemented, or when can be expected. Over the next couple of months, development will be very intensive and things will change quickly.

During April 2012, plugin official website will go through changes. Current website will be moved to a sub-domain for archive purposes. New website will be created during the plugin development, after Alpha phase is done. As it was announced before, new plugin will not be compatible with old one. New plugin will feature conversion tools to copy data to new format. Old functions will have equivalents in the new plugin.

Main plugin features

This is the list of the features that will be part of the plugin. This is not definitive list, things can change quickly during development and new things can be added to this list.

  1. Four built in rating methods: standard stars and thumbs, multi stars and thumbs. Multi thumbs is new rating method, similar to multi stars. All four methods can be used for rating posts, comments, users and any other rating object. Plugin will allow for adding of new rating methods.
  2. Rating objects are main part of the plugin. Built in main objects are: post, comment, user and free. Secondary expanded objects are page and attachment. Plugins and themes can register additional rating objects for all kinds of purposes. Each object can be based on one of the main objects, or you can write a whole new objects to use. Modules will be available to add rating objects for bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.
  3. Each rating object has following properties: vote, revote, insert, limit, restrict, moderate. Each of these can contain multiple set of rules for each rating method. This will allow for very fine tuned ratings display and control.
  4. There are three rating classes: rating, author review and user review. Rating is open to everyone, author review can be set only by the post author (this rating class is available only for rating objects that have author) and user reviews can be used with comments system to provide user comments with rating for a review based websites. User reviews are not class of ratings, and in previous 1.x versions this was handled by normal ratings.
  5. Changing saved votes/ratings. This will be available only to logged in users (no way to make certain determination of non logged visitors).
  6. Improved Google Rich Snippets integration with snippet code added into rendering templates. Tis integration method will be much closer to what Google recommends.
  7. New templates gdT3 system. This system is already in use for GD Products Center Pro plugin and is allowing a lot more flexibility including use of PHP inside the templates. Templates will be stored in files and will allow overriding and adding new templates.
  8. GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro integration. Easy to use option to include registration of custom post types as independent rating objects.
  9. GD Products Center Pro integration. Each product will get own rating object, and plugin will add what is needed into templates for ratings for products and reviews.

Database Structure

Plugin will use completely new database structure with only 6 tables (current 1.x plugin needed 12 tables). Plugin data structure will not be compatible with the old plugin.

  1. One table is used to log all rating activities, regardless of the rating method or object.
  2. Standard stars and thumbs ratings will be stored in two tables. One of these tables will be main table for individual rating elements, and the other one is for meta data about ratings.
  3. Multi stars and thumbs will need 3 tables. One is main, one is for elements values and one is for meta data about ratings.


Modules will be available as part of the plugin that can be enabled if you need it, or as external plugin that GDSR 2.0 can use. External modules that will be published by Dev4Press will be commercial. If you have Premium Support license, some of these modules will be available as a part of that Premium package. If you don’t have premium package, purchase of a module includes support for that module, and access to module updates.

Internal Free Modules

  1. bbPress. Simple module that will register rating objects for forums, topics and replies with some options about placing the rating elements and allowed types of ratings. This module will be free and part of the main plugin package.
  2. BuddyPress. Another simple module to add rating objects for the different BuddyPressfeatures. This module will be free and part of the main plugin package.

External Commercial Modules

  1. Badge. First module will be developed in the same time as the plugin will be for rating image badge. This will allow you to create image with rating that can be embedded on third party websites. Module will support customized base images, caching of images, rewrite rules for badge paths… This module will be available to users with premium support license.
  2. Trends. Additional functionality to calculate rating trends and include them with different rating results, will be part of this modules. This module will be released at a later date and it will be available to users with premium support license.
  3. Rating API. This module will be released later (hopefully by the end of this year), and it will not be available as a part of the Premium Support License. With this module you can publish ratings through API using XML or JSON formats. API can be configured to use authentication, what data to make available…

Graphics packs

Main plugin will contain one stars and one thumbs graphics set. Anyone can create additional sets. But, to make things easier, sets can be purchased. If you have Premium Support license, all graphics packs will be available as a part of that Premium package. With the help of few designers we will try to offer high quality graphics packs, and first such pack will be available by the time plugin gets stable release.

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36 thoughts on “Planned features for GD Star Rating 2.0”

  1. Will you test it with business directory themes (spec. Vantage)?

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    1. Plugin can work with any theme considering that it supports auto insertion using WP hooks, or functions to add it to any theme.

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  2. Awesome – can’t wait!

    May I also suggest more descriptions and explanations for each of the settings in the plugin’s backend, and overall simplification, please 🙂

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    1. New plugin will have 90% less settings! So far, I have only 3 options on the settings panel, and it is very likely that final number of global plugin settings will be under 10. Each rating object (for posts, pages, comments, users…) will have own settings panel that will be much easier to use. And if you are familiar with my Pro plugins, they use interface that has a lot of tooltips for all settings. Same thing will be used in GDSR 2.0.

      Even it is not all done and ready, I think that users will be very pleased with final release of GDSR 2.0. I will post few screenshots this week.

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  3. Even better! 🙂 Looking forward.

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  4. Hey Milan, could you please look into making GD Star Rating 2.0 compatible with Infinite Scroll, too, please! 🙂

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    1. Yes, please can this be included!! I really need these two plugins to work together!

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  5. I only use GDSR on one of my sites, and naturally that’s the site that I use Super Cache instead of Total Cache. Back in the fall I started using WP Minify as well, which killed GDSR, no matter what I tried.

    Since page load is more important to me than voting, no one has been able to vote since then. And I have no desire to change this site over to Total Cache for a few reasons. So, my question, will 2.0 address the WP Minify issue that many users have been having? I did see in an old WP thread that it would, but I would like to verify that.

    Thank you!

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    1. JS/CSS minification will work fine in new GDSR 2.0. Also, I will try to improve on cache support also.

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      1. *cough* And add text and like/dislike *cough* 😉

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  6. 2 questions. 1 – You mention there is GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro integration. I use Types and Views plugins to achieve all my custom post types and taxonomies. Will 2.0 work with this (and others) or just the GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro? I really don’t want to fork out more cash for new plugins that handle this already. I am willing to fork out for this new plugin though if it will work with what I already have. Please advise.
    2 – will you be opening this up for beta testing? if so how soon can we expect it 🙂

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    1. 1. Plugin will work with any other plugin. But, for some more complex cases, it would require either custom coding (plugin can support anything, but I don’t have time to add all that myself). Plugin will have built in support for bbPress and BuddyPress plugins. And I will add support into my plugins, so they can register their code through GDSR 2.0. For GD Products Center, it will register product types for rating. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro will add support for custom post types registered in it. If you want to base rating support for your plugin on the same rating object as used by posts or pages, it will be doable by a single line of code. If you need more complex processing, you can even write your own object.

      2. Alpha #2 will be open to public testing. After that, all beta and rc versions are also public. Final will go into repository.

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  7. wow! great stuff. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the fast response and your answer exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

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  8. Hi MillaN

    I am looking for a rating system for wordpress for my website.

    I would like to know if the following is supported by GD star rating:

    1. It needs to be moderated, in that people are voting against other Restaurants – giving them a 1 or 2 and voting 10 for their own Restaurants – can it be set to users only, that we can track users and votes? I have tried everything to get only users to vote, but cant seem to get that functionality.

    2. Are users able to vote more than once? So if a Restaurant gets a low rating, a return visit they are better the user can give a higher or lower vote on a follow up visit? So over a period of time votes are able to increase or decrease.

    Thank you


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  9. Sounds great, really. And “6. Improved Google Rich Snippets” means you will implement snippets, too?

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    1. Yes.

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      1. M,
        Waiting anxiously. Would like to engage you or your team in building a site for me that would include 2.0. When you have a moment could you contact me. Thanks for your time.

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  10. I noticed that you mentioned bbPress integration? Is this available now? I did notice in the GD widget that it does pull Topics as an option for showing highest rated stuff. However, I don’t see any way to actually add the rating system to a topic so people can rate it.

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    1. bbPress integration will be available in Alpha #4 version. More details will be announced tomorrow when Alpha #2 is released.

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  11. Thanks for the quick response. Will be looking forward to it.

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  12. Look forward to the new version. 1x series is already a great tool.

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  13. When are you going to pay attention to your most two innovative plugins? gdstartaing and product center??? the other ones are also provided by other developers and i think you could have much more impact with those two… i dont know how many money they give you but
    custom posts and taxonomies->you have dozens of plugins out there like cptonomis, custom ui, wp-types (this even could replace gdproduct if you dont develop it further with facets, etc)
    seo, you have yoast
    affiliate, you have openx, dfp
    press tools, huge mix of other plugins and most users would need just some features and not all of them
    etc, etc
    you could crack the web with your rating one but always delayed
    and the product center is quite promising if you add some more funtionalities
    please, dont take it bad, it is just my personal point of view but i would really pay for the star rating it it has all promised features but not the other ones… and have many client websites waiting for it

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    1. I am working on all my plugins, but it takes time to get all things done. And GD Products Center will get new major release in the next hour or so. GD Star Rating is very complex and it got delayed, but it is coming along nicely. As for my other plugins, GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools and GD Press Tools remain mine most popular plugins and from the feedback I get, they will get more and more features as long as the users need them. I don’t plan to abandon any of my plugins because there are some other plugins doing some of the things my plugin do. I believe that it is better to have one well rounded plugin (like GD CPT Tools or GD Press Tools) that many smaller ones that will eventually break due to compatibility issues). Thanks for your feedback, it is always appreciated, and I am working as fast as I can, but development done right takes time.

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  14. Hi Millan,
    I am using the ThisWay WP theme, which is almost entirely based off of Ajax. Incorporating GD Star Rating into the theme works in terms of selecting stars, but it never actually records any of the cast votes. It is actually only when I submit a comment that I am allowed to make a star rating count. I also have rules set up to allow only visitors to use the star ratings. Do you have an idea what may be prompting the star ratings from not being set prior to submitting a comment?
    Thanks in advance for taking a look at this post!

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  15. I hope it will work with WP Super Cache.

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  16. I found that on GD Star Rating: Users, there are only two users: me, and “Visitor”. I think an admin can set if the Visitor can show their names according to the comment name cookie.

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  17. GD star rating is a great add-on, but for some reason ratings do not work once infinite scroll has loaded the next page.

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  18. When will v2.0 be released? I thought the article said April of 2012 and it’s now September.

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    1. Well, it is still delayed. Sorry about that, but it will get finished and released. One alpha is released, and new one will be out soon.

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  19. Looking forward to v2.0!!

    Thanks for the effort on this, as I can imagine that it is VERY complex.

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  20. Perfect, thank you. By any chance, if we need some custom development on this plugin, do you offer any paid services?

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  21. The features for v2 of GD Star Rating sound great! A feature suggestion for a future version:

    Once a user has rated the post, the ability to post a “I’ve just rated Blah Blah Blah. You can too. URL” tweet on Twitter. It’ll definitely generate more page views & votes.

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  22. Merry Christmas!!!!

    Will GD Star Rating 2.0 born this year, or we must wait all 2013?

    Happy New Year 2013


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  23. Hello,

    in fact he said it was going to be released in 2010….

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  24. will the new version have an import ratings from old version ? cant wait for the new version the old version really helped my business on google thank you 🙂

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  25. seems great !!!

    but i was disspointed i was hoping a feature to help you show the actual rank on the post by number

    like most of review websites they show “ranked 37” etc…its really the only thing missing my website

    but thank you anyway ! 🙂

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