GD Press Tools 4.3.5 Pro

New minor revision for GD Press Tools Pro is here. As it was announced, next major version soon goes into developement, and current 4.3 branch is now in bug fixing mode only. This version has latest updates and fixes:  updates to sitemap generator and admin bar toggler.

XML sitemaps generator has been improved to generate archives links differently and eliminate links to non existing date archives pages. Also, broken filters execution for extra URL’s in sitemap is fixed. This will help to add a new features in GD Products Center and GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools plugins to expand the sitemaps.

Adminbar/Toolbar toggler is improved, and now it can be used to hide toolbar even in WordPress 3.3 by setting toggler position to negative value. This will only hide toolbar, it will be still part of the page only invisible. New gdr2 library is included.

As always, please report in the forums any bugs you find, and I will get on fixing it.

In Development: GD Press Tools 4.5

List of features that will go into next major 4.5 version are almost done, and I will announce it officially next week. Current 4.3 version is now in a branch for bug fixes while 4.5 is in development.

Links and Resources

To see the list of plugin features, overview and to buy the plugin, visit these pages:

GD Press Tools Overview
GD Press Tools Main Page
GD Press Tools Frequently Asked Questions
Buy GD Press Tools Pro

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