GD Press Tools 4.3.7 Pro

Here is yet another minor revision for GD Press Tools Pro. This time, release is focusing on changes and fixes in the XML Sitemaps module. Also, these changes are needed for the next version of GD Products Center Pro to expand sitemaps with products related links.

Several changes are made to the way external URL’s are added, and also, empty sitemap files are automatically removed. Fixes include: external build sitemaps now are executed properly, last modification date parameter missing from URL’s, saving and updating sitemaps content settings broken, sitemaps builder ignoring inactive content elements and several warnings during the build process.

To make sure all is OK, recheck and save all sitemaps settings. As always, please report in the forums any bugs you find, and I will get on fixing it.

Next: GD Press Tools 4.5

List of features that will go into next major 4.5 is finalized and you can see it here:

In Development: GD Press Tools 4.5 Pro

Links and Resources

To see the list of plugin features, overview and to buy the plugin, visit these pages:

GD Press Tools Overview
GD Press Tools Main Page
GD Press Tools Frequently Asked Questions
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