Future of GD Star Rating

As you know, development of GD Star Rating 2.0 was not going too well. Main problem is lack of free time, and current direction of the plugin was again getting complex with long development cycle that I simply have no time for considering all the things I work on.

Current 1.9 Version

There will be no more releases for this plugin. It will not get any updates for new WordPress versions, so plugin is tested with WordPress 3.6 and that’s it, updates for newer WordPress versions will not be released.

Status of 2.0 Version

Few weeks ago I went back to the drawing board to re-evaluate the rating plugin and to see how to get it back on the track and what to do next with it. And, it became obvious that this 2.0 development has become complex. Interface elements grew out of control, and setting the plugin was too complex. Add to that need for continuity with previous plugin, and things don’t look too well for making plugin that will endure through many years.

Continuing that same path would prove too time consuming, and considering everything, I really don’t have time to spare. Decision is made: GD Star Rating development will not continue. Instead, a new plugin for rating under WordPress will be made, quite different than GD Star Rating was.

New Rating plugin

Core of the new plugin is set of database tables that is made to be as universal as possible to allow for wide range of rating methods, objects and values. All database based operations are done using a single ‘master’ object to insert, get or modify data. This object has no logic for handling rating data, it is only a mean to work with database and perform basic operations. There will be other base objects for display, ratings and items to complete everything needed to be done.

Base plugin version will have no interface at all. After the plugin core is implemented, only then will plugin get a modular interface. Finished plugin will have small set of controls so that plugin usage will be simple to start with. This base plugin will be then expanded to give more control, more options and more features using extensions or modules. Goal is to make very lightweight plugin that will be fast and ready for anything. Plugin will have own module implementation technique to allow for writing of extensions easier and straightforward.

When to expect new plugin

I can’t give any dates for this new plugin, but I will keep you all better informed about the progress. This new plugin will be easier to develop and it will take less time than previously. But, considering all the other workload I have, I hope to have enough time for this plugin by the end of 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Future of GD Star Rating”

  1. will it become a review plugin for authors and users in the future?

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  2. Hi!
    Any news?
    Can’t wait for new Rating, as the translation isn’t working with WP1.8.1 and GDStarRating1.9. 🙁 🙂
    Best regards!

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