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Month: February 2012

GD Products Center Pro 0.9.9 RC #1

First release candidate for GD Products Center Pro is available. Nothing new is added in this version, there are some rendering improvements, minor changes to products types panel and few other tweaks, and also fixes to bugs reported in the past week since last beta.

New Plugin: Gravity Forms Toolbar 1.2

Gravity Forms Toolbar is created by David Decker for adding WordPress toolbar menu with Gravity Forms specific links and options. This can include help links, listing of registered forms and more. From version 1.2 I have contributed code for additional settings and features.

GD Products Center Pro 0.9.8 Beta

New beta is here, includes many updates and fixes with several new smaller features. Finally, the plugin has a official release date and the until than, import from CSV will be added and plugin tests completed. One more beta is coming and one or two Release Candidates.