Oscars for WordPress: WPHonors 2010 is receiving submissions and collecting votes for best for WordPress: plugins (free and commercial), themes (free and commercial), personalities and websites. I have submitted some of the theme themes and plugins. More info follows.



Vote4Me newsScape at 2010.WPHonors.com


Vote4Me lightScape at 2010.WPHonors.com


Vote4Me eScape at 2010.WPHonors.com


Vote4Me photoScape at 2010.WPHonors.com


GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools

Vote4Me GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools at 2010.WPHonors.com

GD Affiliate Center

Vote4Me GD Affiliate Center at 2010.WPHonors.com

GD Press Tools

Vote4Me GD Press Tools at 2010.WPHonors.com

GD Star Rating

Vote4Me GD Star Rating at 2010.WPHonors.com

You need to register to vote for plugins and themes. All how vote have a chance to win one of the many available WordPress related awards.

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