GD Products Center is a brand new plugin from Dev4Press for managing product types and products, bringing powerful comparison and filtering options and detailed product profiles that can feature specifications, images, videos and reviews. Current version is only preview of what’s to come.

Warning: Plugin is not yet completed, and it is not recommended to use it on the live websites. Right now, from all the planned features for 1.0.0 release, admin side is 90% done, and front end is 50% done. Main goal of this version is to get feedback on features and start with testing, plugin is not fully usable yet and many features are not finished.

GD Products Center: Product Types
GD Products Center: Product Types

Even before custom post types, WordPress was used to create website with products catalogs. Custom post types make that a bit easier, but still, you needed a lot of time and work to prepare custom fields for specifications, theme templates to display specifications, but still, it wasn’t enough if you needed more advanced stuff: multiple pages for each product with different information, products filtering or products comparison.

GD Products Center: Product Properties
GD Products Center: Product Properties

Now all that changes. GD Product Center is powerful plugin that makes very easy to define one or more product types (each created as a custom post type), assign taxonomies, set unlimited number of properties for specification, get separate pages for product review, media, users reviews or related products, get products archives with filtering, products widgets and compare products feature. And that is just for starters, these are only main features planned for 1.0.0 release, with more things planned for later. Full overview of all planned features is here.

Properties editor on the right, shows groups of properties. And each property has a type set. Plugin supports wide range of data types that are added to make data entry much easier. For each property you can set list of values, visibility and other elements, depending on the data type. Image bellow shows the product editor based on the set properties.

GD Products Center: Product Editor
GD Products Center: Product Editor

As with any plugin that needs to control display, GD Products Center requires changes to theme templates. As an example, plugin includes templates for TwentyTen and TwentyEleven themes, and is fully compatible with xScape Theme Framework themes. I plan to publish tutorials for both: customizing any theme you might use and using xScape theme with this plugin. More tutorials on other subjects are coming soon, but since we are still in early alpha versions of the plugin, there is time to cover all subjects and issues.

Over the next month, leading to 1.0.0 release, I plan to have at least one, two or even three updates each week leading to Beta version that should have all planned features done. Many changes will reflect suggestions, found bugs, work on planned features. I will try to have as many tutorials in parallel with the development to make easier for users to adopt the plugin and start using it. In the next 3-4 days, a demo website will be in use.

If you want to test the plugin before buying, use contact form to ask for the demo website at, where all Dev4Press plugins and themes are available for testing.

Promo coupon

If you decide to purchase plugin now, while still in development phase, a coupon is available that will give you 25% discount. This coupon is: PRODUCTSCBETA. To purchase plugin, visit the plugin editions page.

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