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Using PayPal to buy Dev4Press products

I get many questions about using PayPal to buy some of Dev4Press products, and this post offers more info on what products you can buy using PayPal, how to make the payment and why it can happen that you don’t get PayPal as a payment option when on ShareIt checkout page.

Even so the PayPal offers the recurring payments options, at the moment, this payment method can’t be use to buy Dev4Press subscription based products. ShareIt, payment system Dev4Press uses, doesn’t offer PayPal for recurring payments, due to some limitation in the accounts availability offered by PayPal. I am not sure of all details behind that, but at this time some PayPal policies are preventing ShareIt to offer PayPal for recurring payments.

But, because of that, I have added non-recurring payment options for individual plugins, and for this purchase, you can use PayPal. You can buy one product, or you can add multiple products in the cart for this, as long as they are not with recurring payments. Products that support non recurring purchases, all have Lifetime license and that means that you pay for the product once, no recurring payments, and you still get support, access to tutorials and everything else normal recurring licenses offer. All individual plugins and individual themes support this payment method, and all have Lifetime license that can be used with PayPal. Right now, Dev4Press plugins Pack and xScape Themes Club Membership remain only as a subscription based products, and for them you can’t use PayPal.

Checkout Currency Selection
Checkout Currency Selection

Even with that it can happen that you don’t see the PayPal as the payment option. Here is what you can do in that case:

  1. Make sure that you are trying to buy Lifetime/Non-recurring license for one or more products.
  2. If you are using shopping cart, adding one product with recurring payment, will prevent use of PayPal during checkout.
  3. Sometimes, you must select US Dollars as a payment currency for PayPal option to appear as a payment method.

When all this is OK, PayPal will be visible at the bottom of the checkout page in the Payment Options. Select PayPal for Payment type, fill in all require info above, add discount coupon if you have on, and click Next to get on with the payment.

Payment Selection
Payment Selection

PayPal processing is faster than credit card or other payment types, and you will get the products you purchased usually in the matter of minutes after the process is completed.

For now, you can start from our Shopping Cart. On the left, you have links to plugins pages with the pricing information. Use quick buy option, or add products into Cart and proceed from there to checkout.

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