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Dev4Press development plans for 2012

It is impossible to give detailed info about development that should span a whole year, but some plans are already made and it might be interesting to list them now that new 2012 has started. When this year ends, we will see how much of these plans have been completed.

Development of plugins, themes and theme framework will continue this year, and I have plans on improving Dev4Press website, and launching at least 3 new websites related to my work and WordPress. The list that follows will include dates if possible, all items in the list are listed in no particular order.


  1. Newsletters. First major update to website is coming in February with powerful newsletter system. I can’t give more detailes at this moment, but there is a plan to have it released as commercial plugin later this year.
  2. Support Forum. There will be many improvements to support forums, starting with changes to posting topics that are coming in the next couple of weeks. More things will be introduced to improve the forums.
  3. Plugins Informations. All plugins information will be updated over the next 2 months. Existing information will be improved and kept current as often as possible.


  1. GD Simple Widgets 3.0 Pro. This plugin was neglected for the last year, but that will change. Plan is to give it new gdT3 templates system library and to add at least 4 new widgets to it. I hope to get working on this new version in the next two months.
  2. GD Products Center 1.0 Pro. Plugin is in the final beta phase now, and final 1.0 is expected in January. This is not even close to the end of the development for this new plugin, it will include a lot of new features that are in the roadmap.
  3. GD aZon FUSION 1.0 Pro. Plugin is nearing completion, and 1.0 will be released in February or March. I am also preparing the list of features to be added after that. There are some plans in that regard already.
  4. GD Star Rating 2.0. This plugin is delayed several times, but now it should be getting back on track. Public beta versions (or further) will be released by the end of March. More info on the progress on this plugin will be available next month.
  5. GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools 4.0 Pro. Roadmap for this plugin is pretty much planned out. Before we go to 4.0, there will be at least on major release (3.6 most likely in February).
  6. GD Press Tools 5.0 Pro. Plans for this major version are not yet formulated, but it will be released in the second half of 2012. Leading to this release, plugin will get more SEO features, more content related tools and few other things. Development for 4.4 will start this week and it will add new features to modify WordPress 3.3 toolbar and other things.
  7. Lite & Free Plugins. The development of all free plugins will proceed as before, Pro plugins will have priority but free plugins will not be neglected. As for the lite versions of Pro plugins, they will get regular compatibility updates as usual.


  1. xScape Theme Framework 1.9/2.0. Work on the post 1.8 version will begin soon, and I will have detailed roadmap soon. Current roadmap already includes new features, and it will be expanded with few more interesting things.
  2. Themes. Right now, plan is to have 5 to 8 themes released in 2012, depending on available time and available designs. I have 2 themes already planned, one is in the works. Also, all future themes will be HTML5.


  1. gdT3. This library is in development, and it is used to power GD aZon FUSION and GD Products Center rendering right now. GD Star Rating 2.0 and GD Simple Widgets 3.0 Pro will use it as well.
  2. gdR2. This powerful library will be expanded further this year. Plan is to have more core functions added, to have improved loading and support for APC for caching library. All Pro plugins and xScape are using it already.


  1. GD Products Center Pro, GD aZon FUSION Pro and GD Simple Widgets Pro will get own websites that will be used as demos and basic landing pages with information about each plugin and its features.
  2. A website related to WordPress is in works and I expect it complete in the first half of this year. I will not give any details about the website content or plans for it, but it will be interesting.

That’s it for now, plans will change depending on the needs, but I will try to keep to the list. All suggestions for the development are welcome, and you can leave them in comments or in the forum.

I wish you all happy new year!

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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