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Dev4Press Support Changes

With the continuous growth of the Dev4Press, over the past year many things were changed to improve user experience and support. More such changes are coming and they will be introduced on March 4 2012. This will include improvements to forum, products info and more.

Here is the list of all changes to the website and to the way support is provided.

  1. For posting in the support forum, you must use English language only. Topics or replies in any other languages will be removed without any notice.
  2. Support can be provided only for latest versions of the plugins or themes. This will be added to the support information, and it means that if you are using old version of the plugin, help can’t be provided. It will be useful to report the bug caused in old version and is not fixed yet, but asking for help that is specific to old version without upgrading to new will not be considered. Testing old versions after new versions are released is very hard and time consuming to do, so if you have the problem with the plugin or theme, update to newest version, try again, and if the problem persists, report it in the forum.
  3. Support for the old (classic) themes is no longer available. If you using old themes versions, you need to upgrade to xScape Core based themes first.
  4. Contact forms are not available for support for plugins or themes. This is already stated, but still, there are many support related questions without any context coming through contact forms, and they are all ignored already. Contact form clearly states what is it for, and providing support is not included.
  5. Any support related question sent directly to any of Dev4Press or my personal emails will be ignored and deleted. In the first months (until July 30 2012), an automated email will be sent reminding you about support policies and links to the forums. This was tolerated so far, but that was never official way to get support, and with the limited time I have, I simply can’t continue to provide help that way. Any questions you have, direct to the forum, and all questions will get prompt response, as always.
  6. For users with developers license, there are no big changes. They have tickets system available, and support communication will go through email as before. But, once the issue is resolved, questions will be marked as such, and any further email communication with old ticket ID will end up deleted, with the return email pointing again to the Dev4Press website for getting support through proper channels.

Changes to be introduced in late June 2012:

  1. Support Forums new topic form will be expanded to include additional information that will be required: WordPress, PHP, plugin versions and type of the support question (help, bug report…). Submitting invalid information will get the topic removed without any notice. This well help with faster response to topics and improve support.

As you can see, these are only changes to get support process more streamlined and helpful. There will be stricter enforcement of the support rules, but that is only natural considering how much time development and support take time and getting better use of that time will benefit all users.

If you have any suggestions, please leave the comment.

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