One of the most frustrated things when using any kind of software, is that author doesn’t fix all the bugs fast enough. Since Dev4Press (and my other websites) use plugins other than my own, I decided to offer my own patches for the plugins I use, hopefully some of you will find that useful.

Worst thing about having free plugins, is that you can’t expect that developers will be able to fix things quickly enough. If you are using my Pro plugins, you know that fixes come out in a matter of days, or even quicker. With most free plugins, that can take a lot of time. But, in most cases, I can’t wait that long to get plugin I need to use working, so very often I get involved and fix the plugins myself.

Plugin Example
Plugin Example

But now, I will release to public patches for any third party plugin I fix. Each plugin will get own post, and in that post patches will be listed by plugin version and SVN build, with included fixes list and list of files to download. Each patch is in the ZIP archive, and to apply it, you need SVN version of the plugin that can be used to apply patch to. When I can, I will be updating patch information in case the plugin author fix it.

I will always try to contact plugin author and send him the fix, and hopefully they will release proper updated version soon after. First plugin to get a patch is WP SyntaxHighlighter, and patch contains several fixes, some of them quite critical depending on what you need the plugin for.

I hope you will find these patches useful. I hope to have more of them coming soon.

Get the list of all currently patched plugins here:

WordPress Plugins Patches

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