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New prices and licenses available introduced last week new licenses for plugins and themes (personal and enterprise), and changes to the current licenses prices and features to some extent. Also, support methods are extended with direct support via Skype for new enterprise licenses.

There are number of new licenses added to the Dev4Press for Pro plugins, plugins pack, GD Star Rating support, themes and themes club. This includes Personal, Enterprise and Personal Lifetime license. GD Star Rating support now has 4 different licenses. All Pro plugins are now divided into 3 pricing classes.

Changed Pricing Grid
Changed Pricing Grid

Pro Plugins: Personal / Personal Lifetime

Personal license comes with much lower price tag, but it is limited for use only on one live website, and it can’t be used with the WordPress multisite installation. Further more, you can install plugins only through Dev4Press Updater plugin, you can’t download them directly. Beside using it on live website, you can use it in development environments (must be localhost server). Personal license allows auto upgrade for the plugin through Dev4Press Updater, but only with stable releases, and you get access to tutorials, documentation and support forums.

Pro Plugins: Enterprise

Enterprise license is available only as annual recurring license (similar to Developer license). Main difference is addition of Skype based direct support, and more email based support tickets per year. For single plugin enterprise license, you will get 150 minutes of Skype support time, for plugins pack you get 300 minutes each year while your subscription is active. This license also includes access to all expansion modules available for some of the plugins.

GD Star Rating: New licenses

Support license for GD Star Rating is changed significantly. Old support license is now renamed into Developer Support License. Standard and Enterprise licenses are added, and Standard license is available as Lifetime also. Standard license includes support through tutorials and forums, Developers license uses email based tickets support, while Enterprise allows use of tickets system and Skype direct support (150 minutes each year while the subscription is active). Graphics expansion sets and modules are available to Developer and Enterprise support licenses (this is for GD Star Rating 2.0) for free.

Themes and Themes Club: Enterprise

Similar to Pro version license, Enterprise adds Skype direct support. For individual themes you get 60 minutes first year, and for the themes club you get 240 minutes each year. Because of the new licenses, Standard and Developer licenses now have lower prices than before.

If you have any questions about new licenses, changes to support policies or terms and conditions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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