I am now in the final development stages for next version of Dev4Press website that will bring massive changes, not only to the website design, but also to the support system, documentation, licensing and everything else. Version 4.0 will be launched on September 7 2013.

Right now, this is a priority development, so before new website is online, there are no new releases planned for any of the products. New development plans will be announced after Dev4Press 4.0 is up and running. Until 4.0 version is online, support will continue to work as usual, but there will be no new posts published on the website.

On September 7 2013, Dev4Press will be offline for at least 8 hours. New website and updated content will take a lot of time to replace current website, to test everything and make sure all is OK. Support will not be working on September 7 and 8, this is a weekend and support normally don’t work, but forums will be offline too.

If there are any changes to the update process, they will be announced in the forums.

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  1. chris says:

    Fantastic – love it 🙂

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