For some time now, I am working on major changes that will soon land on the Dev4Press Network. That includes new plugins, new framework and new themes and full redesign of the Dev4Press and all the websites in its network. All that will happen in then next 2 and a half months.

Current Dev4Press (internally called v4) was launched in December 2013, now the new v5 version will feature completely new design based on themes developed around new xScape2 Theme Framework. The whole Dev4Press Network will see all websites redesigned: main website, support and documentation, all individual plugin websites. Current plan is to have first website switched to new design in late May, and complete the whole process in the first half of July.

New plugins

I am currently working on 4 new plugins for Dev4Press and on rewrite for GD Press Tools. 2 new plugins will be launched in May and June, and 2 more with new GD Press Tools will be out in late Summer. After that, GD Products Center and GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools will see a big rewrite too.

Most important new plugin will be for implementing knowledge base. This new plugin will be used to transform current help system on Dev4Press with new more advanced system. New plugin will be most advanced knowledge base system available for WordPress and I will post more about it soon. Plugin will have a theme built around it for full integration and they will be sold in package, but plugin can be used with any theme if needed (with some customization) and it will also feature child theme for it built for TwentyFifteen theme. Plugin will also feature helpfulness rating, 4 or 5 widgets and few more interesting features.

New themes

As announced already, new framework called xScape2 is almost completed. But, not only that framework is in the works, in the same time I have been developing themes for it. Plan is to start with 5 themes by the middle of June. All old themes will be archived, and no longer available for purchase, and new themes will get new licenses and prices. All users with xScape Theme Club license will automatically get access to all new themes. And, there are 4 more themesĀ in basic development stages and few more potential themes to be released by the end of this year.

I am really excited about new framework and I can hardly wait to be able to release themes based on it.

Support and Documentation

Websites for support and documentation will be merged into one. Documentation will be ported to new knoweldge base plugin, expanded and improved. Goal is to provide better and tighter integration of forums and knowledge base, and new website will use different methods to achieve that.

Next 2 and a half months will be very development oriented before the Summer break (one more major GD bbPress Toolbox Pro version is planned too), and I hope everything will go as planned to deliver great new update to Dev4Press.

Please wait...

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