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Development plans for 2016, First 4 Months

This year will be very exciting on the development plan for Dev4Press plugins. In the next 4 months, there will be one new plugin, major versions for several plugins and complete rewrites for 2 very popular Dev4Press plugins for WordPress.

GD Rating System was released last month, and it is already becoming a very popular plugin. Several updates were released for both Free and Pro version, and next major release version 1.1 is planned for the end of this month. Version 1.2 is planned for March. And, there will be many minor revisions in between to fix bugs and to improve existing features. GD bbPress Toolbox will get new major version 4.1 later this month too. I am still finalizing the development plans for this version, but most features will be based on user feedback in the past few months. Version 4.2 is planned for April.

But, major work will be done for GD Press Tools Pro. Version 5.0 is under development and I will post more about it later this week. But, development of this plugin will also bring a new plugin for WordPress security to finish plans of splitting GD Press Tools Pro into 3 plugins (GD SEO Toolbox Pro was released in November). GD SEO Toolbox Pro will get a new major version later this month or in early February. GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is planned for mid to late February.

Afte work on GD Press Tools Pro is done, new major work will be done on GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro for its 5.0 version. This plugin is planned for late March or early April. After that, next plugin for the major overhaul is GD Products Center Pro, but that will happen in the Summer.

This is not the final list of plans for this first 4 months, and these are major releases that you can count on. There are some ideas for updates for other plugins too, and depending on the available time I would like to fit new versions for GD Clever Widgets and GD WebFonts Toolbox.


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