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Development plans for the first 3 months in 2017

Dev4Press was very busy last year, with few old plugins rewritten from scratch, few new plugins released and a massive number of major and minor releases for all plugins. And, this year will continue in the same way.

Development focus in the first 3 months will be on GD Rating System Pro, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, and GD Press Tools Pro, with other plugins getting updates too.

GD Rating System Pro

GD Rating System Pro will get 2 major versions in January (2.1) and March (2.2). Focus will be on the improvements to Emote This rating method, aggregation ratings, improvements to WP REST API support, widgets, and shortcodes. But, major new thing for this plugin will be new addons available as separate plugins. While the main plugin has doubled in features in version 2.0 since the 1.o version was released, there are many more features planned that will be useful to some users.But, adding more and more features that take a long time to develop would require price increase

Adding more and more features that take a long time to develop would require price increase for the plugin. To avoid that, some features will be developed as addon plugins that will be available as separate purchases. This will keep the price of the main plugin unchanged, and you will need to buy addons only if you need some of these features. In the next 3 months, there are 3 addons planned: Multi Ratings, User Reviews, and Embed Rules.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro

There are two major versions planned in January (4.5) and March (4.6). There are many features on the roadmap, with version 4.5 already in development, and depending on available time, some features will be moved between these two versions. The roadmap for 4.5 version is updated and you can check it out here.

GD Press Tools Pro

One major version is planned for this plugin for February (5.4). As announced previously, Amazon S3 and Dropbox storages will be released as addon plugins (available for free). This will make the main plugin smaller, and updates for addons and the main plugin easier to maintain. The main plugin will get some new built-in addons (for WP REST API control and enhancing the posts grids) and the new panel with WordPress specific information.

And even more

Plugins that are sure to get updates in the next 3 months: GD Security Toolbox Pro, GD SEO Toolbox Pro, GD Swift Navigator Pro, GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro, GD Crumbs Navigator Pro and GD Content Tools Pro. Dev4Press website will get a number of small updates.

That’s if for now, and a plenty to keep us busy. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave the comment or stop by the forums.

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro
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GD Press Tools Pro
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Collection of various administration, backup, cleanup, debug, events logging, tweaks and other useful tools and addons that can help with everyday tasks and optimization.

GD Rating System Pro
Ultimate rating plugin for WordPress

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