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Retiring GD Crumbs Navigator Pro

With the release of the new plugin BreadcrumbsPress, the old plugin GD Crumbs Navigator Pro is now entering retirement status. Continue to read, to find out what that means for existing users of this plugin.

The retirement for this plugin has been planned for a while now. Last year, when I wanted to expand some aspects of the plugin, it has proven too difficult. The codebase was old, and with the modernization I have been pushing in the past 6 months, updating GD Crumbs Navigator was the only solution. But, after few attempts, that has proven complicated to do, because it would break backward compatibility.

So, I decided to make the plugin from scratch. And, new plugin serves the same purpose, but it is not compatible with the old one, and the settings can’t be transferred, due to the massive changes the new plugin introduced over the old plugin. A new plugin announcement is available here.

What does retirement mean for the existing users of GD Crumbs Navigator Pro? For all Dev4Press users with the license for that plugin (individual plugin license, not the Dev4Press Plugins Club License), a new license will be added to the account matching the expiration date of the old license. For users with the Dev4Press Plugins Club License, a new plugin is already included and part of the license. In both cases, users can download and use the Pro version of the new plugin.

When it comes to migration of settings, that is not possible, and the new plugin has to be set up from scratch. And, when it comes to integration into the theme, the old integration code needs to be replaced with the new one.

GD Crumbs Navigator Pro now goes into retirement state, but, it will remain available for download via User Dashboard until October 14, 2021 (6 months from today). On that date, the plugin will be removed from the download section. The same goes for the support forum and other support resources, they will be available until the same date as before. Support for the plugin can be provided, and I will release updates if needed to fix reported bugs. The plugin remains compatible with WordPress up to version 5.5.

If you have any questions about the retirement process for GD Crumbs Navigator Pro, please let me know.

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