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GD Clever Widgets Pro goes Free and is no longer in development

Recent years’ development of WordPress points to the future where classic widgets will become irrelevant and be replaced with blocks. Because of that, and based on usage stats, the decision has been made to stop developing our GD Clever Widgets Pro and have it archived as a free plugin on GitHub.

The last version of GD Clever Widgets Pro 3.2 was released last year, and there are no plans to release any new updates. With the less and less need for widgets in WordPress, it is not viable to spend too much time on developing this plugin anymore.

GD Clever Widgets, Settings Page

But, I still find some use for this plugin on some older websites (mainly for internal purposes). Some other users seem to use it too, so I decided to stop the development but have the plugin available on GitHub, and this new repository is public. Anyone can download it from there as is. I don’t plan to add this plugin to

The plugin support forum has been moved to Free Plugins forums, plugin information updates to reflect the changes, and the plugin remains available with the last version in GitHub. If, in the future, there are any issues opened on GitHub for this plugin, or I get questions about bug fixing in the forum, I will try to fix issues and have them on GitHub.

Plugin on GitHub

Get the plugin from GitHub. It is available in a public repository, and if you have any issues, you can open an issue on GitHub, or post a topic in support forums.

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