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Milan Petrovic

GD Press Tools 4.4 Pro

Brand new, major release for GD Press Tools Pro brings numerous improvements, new features and bug fixes. Get rid of the Howdy in the Toolbar or try new SQL debugger, enjoy better backups, get more settings or new cleanup tools, or just get few more bugs fixed. It is your choice.

GD Press Tools 4.4 Pro Beta #2

New Beta for upcoming GD Press Tools 4.4 Pro brings more improvements: backup process fixes and lowered memory usage, bug fixes to some of the SEO related features, improvements to spam fighting, more auto tagger API’s supported and improved stability for final 4.4 release.

GD Press Tools 4.4 Pro Beta #1

It was a while since the last update for GD Press Tools Pro, and my plans for the next major version of this plugin have changed. Instead of working on next big 4.5, I decided to go slower. Because of that, here is first beta for 4.4 version that will have some of things planned for 4.5.

New prices and licenses available introduced last week new licenses for plugins and themes (personal and enterprise), and changes to the current licenses prices and features to some extent. Also, support methods are extended with direct support via Skype for new enterprise licenses.

Important changes on Dev4Press

For the last three weeks I was working on many changes for Dev4Press website and to Dev4Press Updater 2.0. Updater was released yesterday, and now all the changes made to the website are also gone live: visual and navigation changes, new content and new prices…

Dev4Press Updater 2.0

Major update for Dev4Press Updater is here, and 2.0 version brings rewrite of the big parts of the install and upgrade procedure to solve problems on restrictive server setups, improves plugin core and adds new panels for news and promotions, and improves overall visual experience.

GD LinkedIn Badge 2.3

Here is the new major revision of small widget plugin GD LinkedIn Badge. This 2.3 version brings code cleanup and optimization, new options to set URL target (allowing to have link open in new tab), alignment for the badge and text display and updated POT file with new strings.

Website Maintenance on September 19

Many changes are coming to Dev4Press website, and all will be deployed on Wednesday, September 19 2012. Upgrade process will start at 10:00 CET and should be over by 16:00 CET. During this period (including support forums and downloads) will be of-line.

GD Products Center Pro 1.1.1

New minor revision of GD Products Center Pro is released, bringing several new features and important changes and fixes (loading of modules and templates) needed for the upcoming development cycle and the major items waiting on the plugin roadmap for 1.2 release.