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Coming Soon: GD Rating System Pro 1.2

Development for GD Rating System Pro 1.2 is underway, and if everything goes as planned, it will be released in about 10 days. Focus of this version is on the easier use of filters and actions, extensibility in JavaScript and sorting of rating items.

Dev4Press Plugins and WordPress 4.5

WordPress 4.5 will be released in first half of April, and it is a great time to test all the plugins with current WordPress 4.5 Release Candidate. I have been testing Dev4Press plugin with the new version, and this will continue in the next week too.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 Alpha #2

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is step closer to stable version release. Alpha #2 has complete set of planned features for this version, DropBox application used for backup storage is ready and approved and after another period of testing, plugin will be released.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 Alpha #1

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is almost ready for release (hopefully by the end of this month), and this is the first Alpha version for testing purposes only. GD Security Toolbox Pro plugin will be ready by the end of the next week.

GD Rating System Pro 1.0 Alpha #1

GD Rating System Pro is still in development. This is the first public release of Alpha version of the plugin, with stable 1.0 version expected to be released in about 8 days. Free version will be released in the same time as Pro.