Updating pro versions of our plugins is now easy to do as it is for the free plugins from WordPress repository. Updater plugin is currently in beta stage, so a bugs are to be expected. Please, try it and report any problem you find so it can be fixed for the final release.


New updater plugin adds new page under Plugins menu where you can see status of all Dev4Press plugins and options to update them when update is available. Another panel is added under Settings menu where you can set Dev4Press API key and update status to check for.

For updater to work you need a valid API Key you can get from your Account page on this website. Updater reports your WP version, website URL and info about Dev4Press plugins you have installed. To work, plugin requires at least WordPress 2.8.

Final version will add dashboard notifications of updates and few more things. Please, report any problems you may encounter and we will fix it for the final release. To get the plugin, go to your Acount page and you will find Updater page there.

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