GD Amazon Fusion is renamed to GD aZon FUSION. Apparently, using word Amazon in a commercial product that relates to company is a potential copyright infringement, so plugin name is changed a bit. Plugin will soon reach beta stage.

Partial Post Integration
Partial Post Integration

As of today, plugin has number of features implemented:

  • searching for products on Amazon,
  • lookup by any number of codes (including Amazon ASIN),
  • browse nodes search method,
  • storing products in database,
  • creating post drafts for products,
  • support for custom post types,
  • integration into post edit page,
  • attaching more than one product to a post,
  • getting attached product as object,
  • product object supports number of formating options for price and images (for now).

Full list of planned features is not yet done, and features will be expanded all the time, so if you need something specific for this plugin, please leave a comment. List of features for 1.0.0 release will be announced once the Beta is released this week. Also, preliminary list of features for plugin after 1.0.0 will be added and updated periodically.

Plugin will be officially available from Thursday, August 12 2010. There will be no free version. Purchases are membership only with recurring payments once a year. Standard license will be 60,00 Euro, with 40,00 Euro recurring each year. Developer license (includes SVN/TRAC access and email support) will be 80,00 Euro with 50,00 Euro recurring each year. There is no limit in number of websites you can use plugin on, and as usual standard support and auto update policies and rules apply. For users that have Dev4Press Bundle licenses, this plugin is already included. Once the plugin gets released as Beta, for the whole Beta development period, coupon for discount of 20% will be available.

All comments about new plugin are welcome.

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