Well, I planned to release plugin today. But, I have to delay it until Thursday so I can polish the rendering of the products for first official release, and to add more template tags. Here is a bit more on what you can expect for the GD aZon FUSION 0.6 Beta.

Most important part for displaying the product is rendering. To render a product, plugin has a main render class, and also can utilize classes than extend the main class and are specific for the different product groups. This will allow great flexibility in displaying data, because Amazon data is not as organized as one might think. Render will rely on the template. Template is a mix of HTML and PHP code with addition of special tags. These tags are unlike anything seen for this kind of use, and will allow specifying settings. Allowing for PHP code to be added is very important step, and will give much greater flexibility.

Plugin has support for shortcodes. First release will have few shortcode and semi-manual inserting them into the content, but that will improve once we get closer to 1.0 release.

And, by the time first version is released, I will have a website to server as a demo for the plugin. So, only 2-3 days until plugin is released. And if you decide to purchase the plugin, there will be a 25% discount coupon available for the whole Beta period.

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