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Roles and Capabilities

Roles and Capabilities in WordPress are added long time ago, but they still didn’t fully replaced user levels. Finally, levels are marked as deprecated, and should be avoided. So, it’s a good time to make a final break from them, and upgrade plugins to use capabilities.

It will take some time for me to change all plugins and xScape framework, but it will be done this month. xScape 1.4.7 will be updated to use roles (to be released on Sunday or Monday). GD Press Tools 3.8 is very, very important update that will also use roles and capabilities and add bunch of new things. It should be ready by the end of next week. Lite version 2.6 will be also released with same roles and capabilities update.

GD Simple Widget Lite will follow next week also. Next will be GD aZon FUSION (end of next week), and after that GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools (middle of September). GD Simple Widget 3.0 Pro should be ready by the end of the month along with GD Affiliate Center 1.1.

GD Star Rating will not be updated with this. GDSR 2.0 is in works, and I will rather use the little time I have for it to work on new versions instead of adding new things to old version.

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