New theme is in development. It will be called FrameFX, and the basic visuals are already done. If everything goes OK, it will be released in about one month. Also, this is the first theme not to have Scape in the name, even so it will be powered by the xScape framework.

There are two goals this theme has. One is to use a lot of special effects done with jQuery and styling. Second is to be an photo / portfolio / review theme.  I can’t give you any visual elements yet, but I hope to do that in the next two weeks.

FrameFX will be used to develop some new features for xScape, but also will be used as development platform for new GD Star Rating 2.0, and that’s why I mentioned review theme as one of the goals. This theme will get a use on a new website that will get into work from middle of December that will get announcement on a later date.

After this theme, long time over due theme starScapeII will finally get to a drawing board.

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