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xScape: What’s coming in 2011

xScape Theme Framework has come a long way this year, but there are plenty of things that are coming soon. Long list of features I have is constantly changing and updating, and I will share here some of the plans I have for expanding xScape Framework in the 2011.

xScape 1.5.4

I am currently working on xScape 1.5.4 that is planned to be released on January 1 2011. This one will fix several reported bugs, and will add one major feature: styling of WordPress login form. Work on that is partially based on work done by Kerry Webster. xScape will get full settings tab that will allow you to show or hide different elements on login form, to position the form on the page, set logo image, set background image and colors. For each theme login form will mimic the look of the theme. Also, I will leave enough customization potential to expand on this in the future versions.

Post formats (I don’t like them one bit) are coming to WP 3.1, and xScape will support them if needed.

xScape 1.6

After that, work toward next major release will continue with few more minor releases adding features as well, pretty much the same development cycle as with previous milestone versions. Very flexible login/register/lost_password tabbed form will be high on list of priorities, and it will be in widget form and also as a popup/dropdown element to use in different ways depending on the theme.

xScape 1.7 and beyond

I have some ideas on the roadmap already, but that will change for sure, since it will be at least 5-6 months before I need to think on that. As usual, features will also depend on WordPress.


This year 7 themes were released. I had to dedicate a lot of time to framework, and I feel that having a lot of themes is not that important as having a lot of features available in them. Next year will see similar trend and I think that at most 10 themes will be released in 2011. Quantity rarely translates into quality, and I want to offer versatile themes that are not rushed just for the sake of releasing more of them. I am working on few ideas for new themes, and first theme will be released in January or early February.

As usual, all suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see in the xScape, and what type of themes I should build…

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