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Changes to data saving for GD Products Center

GD Products Center is under heavy development at the moment, and it will require a major change to the code that will save the data for products. This change will affect only some of the property types that can be used for products, to allow for fast data filtering and search.

Property types: Unit, Dimensions, Resolution and Boolean will be changed. Right now each one was saved in the single record in the postmeta table. But, because of that, search and filtering by these property types is impossible. To change this, saving of these fields will recalculate values to base values for the unit (unit and dimensions) and save them into 2 or more fields. So, dimensions will go into 3 fields, resolution into 2 fields, boolean into 1 or 2 fields, and unit into one field.

To make things even easier to filter or search, some of the property types will be indexed into separate tables in the database. This will be done for resolution, dimensions, units and text fields that are marked for filtering. Index can be rebuilt any time and will allow for very precise filtering of posts.

All these changes, with new advanced filtering templates are going to be the part of 0.9 Beta release that will be released next Monday at the latest.

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