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Coming Soon: GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools 3.0

GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro 3.0 is soon getting into active development cycle and I am still working on the list of features to include in the major plugin revision. Here is some preliminary info on what to expect in the new plugin version and when to expect it.

Before 3.0, there will be at least 2 minor revisions of current plugin version to improve on existing features and fix some bugs. Next 2.6.6 version will be released over the weekend with few bugs fixed and other minor changes.

As for 3.0, user interface will be improved to provide more on screen information. It will use similar method I have made for upcoming GD Star Rating 2.0 plugin using tool tips. There are many options available for custom posts and custom taxonomies and it can be overwhelming for users to understand what is used for what. One of the most requested feature is support for simple meta boxes for default and custom posts types that will allow setting number of custom options to use with shortcodes and functions for inserting into the post. Tools for importing and exporting settings for custom post types and custom taxonomies will be included, so you can easily export created elements to import on another website.

These are preliminary features for new version, but all suggestions are welcome. So, if you have some interesting idea for this plugin, please leave a comment for further discussion.

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Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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7 thoughts on “Coming Soon: GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools 3.0”

  1. A idea for this plugin: a advanced filter or search widget module. Like this: but for any taxonomy (category, tag and custom taxonomy created with your GREAT plugin).

    Do you like this feature? The plugin would be more useful, i think.

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    • This is another way:

      Tyhanks MillaN.

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  2. It would be great if you can make the plugin by selecting one taxonomy to update the rest of the available fields.
    The idea is here:

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    • I don’t understand, what fields? Can you explain closer?

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  3. i.e. you have 3 additional taxonomy and on the search page ( widget ) if you select just one respectively to update the rest that are available based on post

    i.e. you have:

    post1 tax1-2 tax1-3 tax2-1 tax2-2 tax3-1
    post2 tax1-2 tax2-1 tax3-1
    post3 tax1-1 tax2-1 tax3-1

    and then in the widget when you select for tax2 the value tax2-1 for tax1 to have available tax1-2 tax1-3 tax3-1

    but when you select for tax1 the value tax1-1 to have available only tax2-1 and tax3-1

    On the url that I posted you can see, when you select one of the taxonoy on that page after that you have only the available taxonomies for the others and the posts are refreshed based on the selection.

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  4. I think this one will be the best example:

    and yes the update of the posts to be included as well.

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    • What you need is not widget but a search filter. For a while I was planning to create taxonomy powered search/filter, but doing that is very complicated to make for a non-specific case and at the moment I don’t have it in immediate plans for the plugin. But, once I figure out how best to do it, it will be added to the plugin.

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