GD Press Tools 4
GD Press Tools 4

Ultimate administration plugin GD Press Tools Pro will soon get new major release. GD Press Tools Pro 4.0 will get new interface, many new features and tools, updated existing features, full support for multisite/network WordPress mode… Here is an overview of this upcoming release.

I still don’t have exact launch date for the new version, but it will take another 2-4 weeks to be completed. Right now I still have to complete 2-3 new features that will require some time for testing. I plan to release a beta version in the next 2 weeks. Also, some features will work only with new WP 3.1. Here is the overview of new tools:

  1. File Manager: In many cases is useful to quickly edit some files in the installation, delete some files or upload new files without using FTP client or server control panel managers. In network mode, only super admin can use it.
  2. Advanced Debuger: Built into the admin bar, will open popup that displays SQL queries, all WordPress hooks, main WordPress objects and other options that support third party integration and adding other debug info.
  3. File System Backup: Backing up all files on your website will be available. You can backup full installation, wp-content folder or something else. It works in network mode, and individual blogs can backup only own files folder. There will be predefined options to prepare backup for easy restore.
  4. Enhancing HTAccess: This time, not only security features, but some very useful snippets that can be added to .htaccess and used to optimize and speedup your website.

Most other features will be updated and improved, plugin will require WordPress 3.0 to work and all features will support network mode. This will be first and for now only plugin that has full and detailed support for backup of files and database in multisite environment for full website or only individual sites.

If you have any suggestion about the new and existing features and how to improve them, please leave a comment.

I will post teasers about new version in the next couple of weeks so you can see how the development is progressing and how the plugin will look and work.

Also, here is the promo coupon that will give you 40% discount for this plugin (for yearly recurring payments standard and developer licenses only): GDPRESSTOOLS4. Coupon is active now, and can be used until March 1 2011.

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