Development of major 3.0 version of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro is under way, and the first round of changes is now available as an Alpha/Nightly build. With current added changes, plugin is stable, but still, don’t use it on production websites, it’s for testing only.

This first Alpha #1 still has old interface, but Alpha #2 (planned for Monday) will have new interface and second wave of new features. Changes in this version include already many new features and many more changes.

Major new feature is caching of registration objects. ┬áIf you add many new post types and taxonomies, every time page loads, plugin needs to assemble registration arrays for each one, and it’s a fast operation, but still takes time that can be saved with cache. So, registration objects are cached in database, and when you make a change to post type or taxonomy, cached object will be deleted so it can be recreated with new settings. One of the most requested features is limiting of terms assigned to posts to an existing list without possibility to add new one. Now, this is a special feature for all taxonomies, and will replace default post_tag or category meta box with new one that allows selection of terms only (one term or more then one). More changes are included with registering of post types and more options added, several bugs are fixed and several files are removed as obsolete.

So, if you want to test it, please report any problems with this current development version.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools:

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