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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.0: Beta #1

Major 3.0 version of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro development is nearly done, and here is the first Beta version that includes (almost) all planned features including new and improved interface, advanced saving validation, custom fields and custom meta boxes.

Plugin is still in development and bugs are to be expected. Do not use this version on your production website until the final version is released. 3.0 Final is expected next week.

Custom Fields Editor
Custom Fields Editor
Metabox Post Editor
Metabox Post Editor

Meta Boxes

Meta boxes editor allow for 7 different types of fields (for now). When displayed on the post edit page, these fields can have own controls. So, for image custom field you have options to select image from media library, for date field you will get the date picker. All fields have shortcode button to insert the code for the field into the content. Shortcode allows for the value to be wrapped into the tag with custom class and style. Image also can be displayed as image tag. And meta box works when in side area of the post editor or in the main area bellow the post edit content. There is no limit on how many fields you can add, or how many meta boxes you can have combining different custom fields. Meta boxes can be assigned to default or custom post types, and you can have more than one custom meta box for any post type.

New Interface

Interface is fully rewritten, and more inline with the trend used in all other of our plugins. This includes post types and taxonomies editors and lists displaying differently registered post types and taxonomies. All data is saved using AJAX and that allows for improved validation before saving and better flexibility of the editor.

Post Types List
Post Types List

List shows custom post types created by the plugin, default post types, but also custom post types that are registered by third party plugins or theme. Same layout is used for taxonomies.

Post Types Editor with Errors
Post Types Editor with Errors

Other changes

Another much requested feature was restricted terms selection meta box for post editor. Right now you can add terms through these meta boxes, and in some cases its needed to limit that to only existing terms. Now, you can have that with two box configurations: single and multi terms selection.

Post types specification is updated once more, allowing for selecting menu icon and few other things. JavaScript files used by the plugin are improved and compressed.

What is still missing?

Only feature that is still in work is import and export of the settings. You will be able to export all definitions for post types or taxonomies, settings for the plugin and later import them into another installation. That will be added to final release.

If you want to test it, please report any problems with this current development version. Hopefully, final version is coming soon, depending on the reported bugs. Translation strings on updated, and few more changes are expected before final release.

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