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GD Press Tools 4.1 Alpha #5

With more bugs fixed, mostly in the Backup module and with File Manager, and more minor changes and code cleanup, interface improvements, this will be last Alpha version. As planned, Beta #1 will be out by the end of this week, with Final version coming out next week.

Warning: This is a development snapshot of the upcoming version, and its for use only on test environments. I try to make even alpha versions as stable as possible, but still I can’t recommend that you use this plugin version on your live websites. Also, new Backup is NOT compatible with old one! Once you upgrade to this version, all scheduled backups from old version will stop working.

Known Issues: Backup tasks editing not working. Backup process log and statistics tab not done yet.

If you were using previous Alpha versions is highly recommended that you clean up all the tasks data from the database, and allow plugin to create all that again as it should be. So, go to the Plugin Tools panel, Reset tab, and check ‘Remove everything tasks related’ option, and click Reset button. Now, you should have Backup working as it should be.

In the next couple of days, I will release 4.1 Beta version, and soon after that final 4.1 will follow. So, please report all errors or problems you encounter with this release, I expect that there are some bugs in still, mostly with new Backup module. If you have some suggestions on the features present in this version, leave comments in this post or in the forum.

Next week will see several new video tutorials for new backup, auto tagger and few other things.

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