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GD Press Tools 4.2 Beta #3

More changes are in for another Beta version of GD Press Tools Pro 4.2. New Beta #3 brings many fixes to backup module (email sending, tasks editor, process log), cron scheduler and XML sitemaps generator, and also adds brand new module for Sucuri Free Security Scan.

Warning: This is a development version, and its for use only on test environments and I can’t recommend that you use this plugin version on your live websites.

GD Press Tools 4.2: Sucuri Free Security Scan
GD Press Tools 4.2: Sucuri Free Security Scan

New panel in this version is Sucuri Powered Security Scan. You can scan your website or enter URL to any other. You will get info on existing malware, blacklisting, IFRAME’s, JavaScript files, server, application and more.

As for the backup, another long list of bugs is fixed, bringing us one step forward to stable 4.2 release. More tests are done to make sure that plugin works with non standard WP installations: renamed content file and/or custom database prefix. Email notifications and editing of tasks now work. Backup log is expanded with more info, database backup improved with better escaping of data, backup status information is expanded and improved. Cron Scheduler has additional button to display arguments for each job.

If you still have issue starting backups or creating tasks:  it’s highly recommended that you clean up all the tasks data from the database, and allow plugin to create all that again as it should be. So, go to the Plugin Tools panel, Reset tab, and check ‘Remove everything tasks related option, and click Reset button. Now, you should have Backup working as it should be.  Also, from Cron Scheduler tab remove (clear) these tasks: gdpt_backup_job (old backup job) and gdpt_task_backup (new one).

Leave all bug reports or other information in the comments or in the forum (there is a Beta #3 thread opened in GD Press Tools forum).

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