First release candidate for GD Press Tools 4.2 Pro is here. With more bugs fixed (sucuri scan, tasks editor, process log for backup tasks and email notifications), updated translation strings, this version adds very important new feature: script to restore or clone full backup archives.

Warning: This is a development version, and its for use only on test environments and I can’t recommend that you use this plugin version on your live websites. Final version is expected in the next 4-5 days.

GD Press Tools 4.2: Restore Script
GD Press Tools 4.2: Restore Script

Restore or clone script was planned for this version, and than due to lack of time I decided to move it to next release. But, with longer testing of this version, I again had time to work on this. So, first version of this script is here. But, there will be many updates and changes in the future versions. Right now script can restore website as it was in the different location, clone it with changed site URL, changed database and tables prefix. There is not much of the error handling at this point, or saving debug info, but script works and for most uses it will be OK. If you have changed name of wp-content folder, restore will work with that too. For restore to work, backups must contain full database and full files inside, and they must be made with this RC version because of additional info.txt file added to each archive.

Multisite restore and clone is not yet supported. This will be added later, because procedure to make this work is very, very complicated.

As for the changes:

  1. Sucuri Scan timeout is now 240 seconds, because in some cases scan can take a long time to complete. If after that time request is not done, error will be displayed.
  2. Email notifications were broken and emails were sent empty or not sent at all. Plugin now properly prepares templates and headers for emails. Same problem was with auto tagger and backup.
  3. Backup Tasks process log is improved to show only actual tasks timing for running each time. And if the task is still in waiting mode and is one time run only, you will be able to prevent it from running and remove from schedule.
  4. Editing backup tasks is further improved, and all checkboxes should be working now. Settings cleanup for the tasks is updated to make sure that saved data can be used. If you have problems with tasks you created, you must remove them and create new ones.
  5. Deleting CDN/FTP connections is working now.
  6. Many minor improvements added to AJAX handling functions, print_r replacement functions, debugger.

So, you can now test restore script and all the changes made for this version. Restore script will remain with current features for 4.2, and if you have suggestions for it, that will be in development for future versions. Final 4.2 release is expected for Monday, August 15 2011. New RC thread is opened in the forums for reporting bugs in this release.

In the next 2 days tutorials will start coming for the new features: Using new Backup (video), Using Auto Tagger (video), Step by Step Backup and Restore.

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