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GD Press Tools 4.2 RC #2

New (and most likely last) release candidate for upcoming GD Press Tools 4.2 Pro is just released. This release candidate fixes several more bugs found in the past few days and we are now very, very close to stable release that right now is scheduled for August 18 2011.

Warning: This is a development version, and its for use only on test environments and I can’t recommend that you use this plugin version on your live websites. Final version is expected in the next 4-5 days.

Here are the changes in this version:

  1. Long standing problem with renaming admin account in multisite environments (super admin accounts stop working after renaming) is now fixed.
  2. Invalid completion status for backup creation in some cases (shows completed even while the backup is still running) is fixed and more process statuses are added.
  3. Warning added for scheduling status when the timezone in WordPress is not set to manual time offset that can in some cases cause for tasks to be scheduled at the incorrect time.
  4. Number of minor styling issues are fixed.

Two tutorials for new backup are added, with few more tutorials coming soon:

Using GD Press Tools 4.2 Backup
How to backup and restore your website

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