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GD Products Center Pro 0.8.8 Beta

New beta version for GD Products Center is here, fixing several bugs (some rendering issues and saving some of the properties) and adding more new features: single latest/random product widget, simple and advanced paging for archives and some more plugin core changes.

Warning: Plugin is not yet completed, and it is not recommended to use it on the live websites. Right now, from all the planned features for 1.0.0 release, admin side is 90% done, and front end is 90% done.

As the bugs go, there were few minor issues with the templates, and problem with saving currency unit properties. Beside that, there are couple of new features added. There is a working widget to display single product (you can specify product type, filtering and template) with only one specific template right now (more to come soon). Archive templates are improved to support page navigation, and there is a simple and advanced. Simple is only next/previous links, while advanced shows numbered pages. All archive templates use advanced navigation right now.

By the end of next week 0.9 Beta will be out with more filter/search improvements and few more new minor features. Please report any issue you might have with this latest version.

Important: If you had problems with theme templates created with previous plugin versions, you need to create them again. Plugin has a theme template option to overwrite old templates with fixed ones.

Plugin Test Drive

If you want to try out the plugin before deciding on buying, use the contact form to request demo website set up for test drive. There you can try out all our plugins and themes.

Promo coupon

If you decide to purchase plugin now, while still in development phase, a coupon is available that will give you 25% discount. This coupon is: PRODUCTSCBETA. To purchase plugin, visit the plugin editions page.


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