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gdr2 Library 2.2

As you may know, gdr2 is a base code library used by all Dev4Press Pro plugins and xScape themes. Over the past 2 months, this library has grown to include more features and now is the time for all plugins and xScape to be updated with this latest, much improved version.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro 2.6 already includes this latest version. Today, GD aZon FUSION will be updated and GD Affiliate Center 1.2.0 will be released over the weekend. GD Press Tools will get new library with release of 4.0. And Beta 1 of this plugin will be released on Monday. xScape 1.5.9 will be released sometime next week, also with gdr2 2.2 library and that will introduce some very significant performance improvements.

Core / Log / Fnc / Cache

Main file and class of gdr2 is called gdr2_Core. This file will load additional base files with shared functions (many of the overrides for older versions of WordPress), gdr2_Log class and one more file with gdr2_Cache class. This is the new class added in this version allowing use of WordPress transient options as a cache storage method. APC support for this class will be added at a later date.

New cache system allows storing of rendered blocks in the database allowing significant speedup of rendering operations that need large number of queries. xScape menus will use it, and preliminary tests show that for 3 menus used on Dev4Press, number of SQL queries now is 24, with new cache system is only 6. Not only that, these 6 are only basic select queries that are executed almost instantaneously. GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro 2.6 uses cache for all 3 widgets.


This gdr2_Widget class is much improved in the new version and has built in support for new cache system, built in support for displaying widget to users, visitors or both. Registration of widget and few other things are also improved. I have few more ideas on further improving this class, but for now there will be no more updates.

UI / jQueryUI / Grid / Utils / Img

First three classes are used for rendering interface elements, mostly for admin side. Many parts of these classes are not yet done, and it will take a while to make them full, but they are usable in this version also. Utilities is a new class with only few functions, mostly for checking system requirements at this point. Image class is not changed in this version, but it’s a very powerful class that can handle uploading, resizing and other operations.

How to get the library?

Right now, you can’t download it freely. It’s distributed with plugins and themes, and it’s also GPL2 licensed. If you are interested in getting and using the library in your projects, please contact me.

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Milan Petrovic

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