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Planned features for GD Products Center

First stable release for GD Products Center will be released in about a month from now, and the goal is to implement all the planned features that are listed in this post. This is not the final list, and things can change. For development after 1.0.0, many more features are in consideration.

For each of the listed feature, you will see the plugin version number when the feature is added, and post will be updated over time to reflect the changes made to the plugin. All features in red are completed in the latest available version. Features in green are close to completion.

  1. Product Type editor: main editor for the product type used to set name, labels, rewrite rules, images, videos and product specification properties. Product types are implemented through custom post types, but most of the parameters are generated by the plugin, user don’t need to set everything in detail. (0.7 Alpha , 100% done)
  2. Product Type data: each product is a post for a custom post type. When creating or editing product, you will use standard WordPress post editor. But, this editor will be expanded with meta boxes generated by the plugin based on the settings for product type. So, you will get Product Properties meta box with all properties you have set for product type and you will get Product Media and Links that will allow you to add images, videos and external links to the product. All 3 can be limited in number on the product type editor. Images can be external or handled by Media Library. Videos can be external link for websites that support eEmbed: YouTube, Vimeo and many more. (0.7 Alpha, 100% done)
  3. Product Type pages: each product will get several pages in the front end of the website. Right now plugin support 5 page types: specification, author review, user reviews, related products and media. Author review can have more than one page allowing for long reviews. User reviews is basically comments thread and media page is a gallery of all product images and videos. (0.8 Beta, 100% done)
  4. Built-in product types: to make things easier to get started with the plugin, adding new product type will have templates. If you choose one of the offered template, plugin will create new product type from selected template will all predefined properties and settings. You can change things if you want and you will get working product type very quickly. Number of product types will be expanded, and first 0.7 Alpha has 4 of them. (0.9.7 Beta, 100% done)
  5. Built-in taxonomies: one more convenient feature is creation of taxonomies. This is also simplified version for those that don’t use our GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools plugin. Also, creating new taxonomy here will give you choice of predefined templates for some useful taxonomies, similar to predefined product types. (0.7 Alpha, 100% done)
  6. Custom permalinks rewrite rules: plugin has many customization options to create products permalinks and you can control the rules added with custom slugs for different page types, compare or products pages and more. (0.7.5 Alpha, 100% done)
  7. gdT3 Templates System: for all rendering plugin uses Dev4Press own gdT3 templates system. Templates are stored into files, support mixing of HTML and PHP with special tags used for plugin specific features. Plugin has several types of templates: single product, archives, widgets, compare page. Themes and other plugins can replace default templates or add own templates. (0.9 Beta, 100% done)
  8. Compare Products: template and rewrite rules for products comparison. Plugin allows comparing 2 or more products in the same time. Default styling for the plugin can support many products compared to make it easier to see wide lists. (0.8 Beta – 100% done)
  9. Simple archive filtering: simple filtering of products will be done using taxonomies only with the basic sorting options. There are 2 different templates built in for this displaying products in grid or list. (0.7 Alpha, 100% done)
  10. Archive filter Template: complex filter that allows use of product properties and taxonomies, filtering by date, sorting by different criteria. (0.9.7 Beta, 100% done)
  11. Full xScape Theme Framework support: all themes have templates built in for this plugin. And, plugin will be able to create and preset templates automatically in one of the next versions. (0.8 Beta – 100% done)
  12. Support for any theme: for default WP themes plugin comes with example templates you can use to make it work. Similar method will work with any other theme. Also, plan is to have plugin copy the templates over into theme folders. (0.7.5 Alpha, 100% done)
  13. Widget for Comparing: to add products to compare you can use widgets. From many page, you can add products to the widget and than run comparison from it, leading to compare page. You can have more than one compare widget in the same time, and one compare widget can be used for only one product type, because you can’t compare products from different types. Compare widget can have limit of the most products to compare. (0.7 Alpha – 100% done)
  14. Widget for Single/Random Product: show one product in the widget using own template to display product specification and image. Widget will allow options for filtering the product to display. (0.8.8 Beta – 100% done)
  15. Widget for Products List: template based rendering for the products with basic filtering options. One list widget can display products from one product type only. (0.9 Beta – 100% done)
  16. Widget for Products Search: add simple widget to allow searching for the products only with selectable product type. (0.9.7 Beta, 100% done)
  17. Maintenance tools: to make the process of cleanup easier, and to have a way of clearing cached data, Tools panel has a tool that allows you to remove cached templates, registration data and rewrite rules. (0.7 Alpha, 100% done)
  18. Import and Export: once you create product types and taxonomies, it will be useful to export that data from one website and have that imported on another website. These tools will make that very easy. (0.7.5 Alpha, 100% done)
  19. Shortcodes and Functions: Shortcodes and functions that can be used to embed products into different posts. They will allow using products on any page on the website. (0.9.5 Beta, 100% done).
  20. Export to file and Import Data from File: bulk export and import formatted data for multiple products using plain text CSV file that include full specifications for products. (0.9.8 Beta, 100% done).

This is current features list, and I expect few things to be added during development. As for the features beyond 1.0.0 version, this is yet not set, but here is the current preliminary list:

  1. Integration with bbPress: assign topic to a product and display discussion on the product as a page incorporated with the plugin. (planned for 1.1.0)
  2. Expanding Sitemaps: support for different XML sitemaps plugins to add products pages, comparisons and other new links and archives. (plnned for 1.1.0)
  3. Additional product pages: for each product/product_type you can define extra pages that will be included in the pages list for the product navigation. (planned for 1.1.0)
  4. Archive URL variations: specify different archive templates use based on the URL for the archive. This will allow special archive pages for different uses. (planned for 1.1.0)
  5. Advanced search template: new template to include different page layout for searching products based all multiple multi value criteria. (planned for 1.2.0)
  6. GD Star Rating 2.0: once the GDSR 2.0 is released, GD Products Center will fully support it and templates will be modified for direct integration. (planned for 1.5.0)
  7. GD aZon FUSION Integration: get products data from Amazon via this plugin. Amazon auto added as the Seller with adding links to products in the system. (planned for 1.4.0)
  8. Product Editions: one product can have variations like color, more or less memory… Instead having duplicate products, set up versions of same product. (planned for 1.2.0)
  9. Vendors/Selers/Stores: setting up vendors and assign product types and products to them for pricing control for different product versions. (planned for 1.2.0)
  10. Statistics Display: panel to show visits statistics for different product types and products. (planned for 1.3.0)
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About the author

Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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21 thoughts on “Planned features for GD Products Center”

  1. Hi,
    Sounds great, any idea what likely costs are yet? Is there a beta to test?

    Please wait...
  2. Dear Milla,

    These plugins intended to create product pages are the main reason that moved me to buy the Plugin pack.

    Since I have only basic programming skills an easy to use platform to create these pages is a dream come true.

    Regarding Shortcodes are obviously the way to go but please consider a GD Toolbar with icons or any other visual aids to build the pages. Recently I have been thinking about the possibilities that a custom toolbar would offer as a repository to store and organize shortcodes.

    I LOVE the templates idea in general and specifically all the product type features you mention. I hope to be able to use them with other themes, like Headway 3, StudioPress, Socrates. I understand that there are many Theme Frameworks out there but these are some of the most popular.

    When you talk about Widgets for product comparison I understand that are not sidebar widgets but to be used at the content part (pages or posts).

    Lastly, some videos with practical procedures to get our product pages up and running would also be very useful.

    All the best,

    Please wait...
    • Thanks for the comment, and purchase :).

      1. StudioPress themes based on Genesis framework will not be supported at all, because Genesis framework doesn’t really support custom post types! This always comes to a surprise to most users, but Genesis has some very wrong method of using pages to mimic post types, and it can’t use custom post types templates that are specified in WP and needed for this plugin. But, I will add more direct support for other themes, and more information about modifying templates for most themes.
      2. Widget for product comparison is exactly a sidebar widget, and it is used to gather products for compare and to link to actual comparison page. So, you put that widget in the sidebar, and user browsing your products can click Add to Comparison button with each product and it is added to the widget. When there are at least 2 products in it, compare link will be visible. I plan to add one more compare widget that allows selection of products directly.
      3. Videos and tutorials are coming this month as we are getting close to 1.0.


      Please wait...
      • 1. WoW!!!. No support of custom post types in Genesis! I spent a lot of money on a lifetime license of that framekork but have not used it for a long time because it’s very difficult to apply any customization for non experts. Of course, I’m surprised and I appreciate your advice. I wasn’t aware of that.

        > “But, I will add more direct support for other themes, and more information about modifying templates for most themes.”

        That’s great. What about Headway 3 and Socrates?. Any experience with those Themes? I also have lifetime licenses of both.

        2. I see. Users add the products to the widget and the comparison page is generated when they click on the link. Right?

        3. Thanks 🙂

        Please wait...
        • 1. Well, you can use custom post types in Genesis, but not as the WordPress specify they should be used, so Genesis doesn’t handle custom post types templates. bbPress can’t work with Genesis themes also because of that. I am not aware that they made some changes to that effect in the past 6 months, and I have Genesis themes on my black list, so I am not giving any help or support or take any custom work involving these themes, until they fix this and start following WordPress specifications in this matter.

          I haven’t tested Headway 3, but I think it is a theme around framework method that shouldn’t be hard to support. And I never heard about Socrates. Since Headway is quite popular, I plan to support it directly. But, any theme that has proper support for post types can be used, and there is one tutorial on how to modify themes to work with this plugin, and it is not complicated to do. My themes based on my xScape Theme Framework and already fully supported also.

          2. Yes.

          Please wait...
          • 1. “until they fix this and start following WordPress specifications”.

            I agree. One of the things I look for now is maximum compatibility (Something a was not aware about when I purchased Genesis)

            I love to hear that you will support Headway directly. I haven’t started with it because they are changing a lot of things in the new version just released. Anyway it’s currently my first choice. I was tempted to buy your Theme but understand that I have spent a lot of money already so it’s not an easy decision. I need for the most flexible solution to build all kind of sites and your framework looks impressive but, sincerely I don’t know if I should change my mind again since Headway looks so damn good.

            Regarding Socrates is an easy to use theme oriented to Marketers. They have sold more 50,000 licences in about a year. I like that simplicity and have built some sites with it. Of course I have requested information to the developer about custom post types including a reference to your plugins.

            I’ll take a look to the documentation and tutorials as soon as they are available. I’m really impressed with the possibilities offered here. Really, I have been looking for something like this for years.

            Thanks again,

            Please wait...
          • I will contact many theme developers to provide me with themes I can test and use to improve integration from the start. Also, I plan to include integration with some ecommerce solution at one point, and do everything I can to make adoption and usability of plugin easier to end users, and to require very little or no coding to make plugin work.

            Please wait...
        • I can confirm that Socrates theme is added for direct support, and I have created templates for it. Next plugin version will have it along with direct support for Wootique theme.

          As for the Headway, plugin can work with it, but due to the way themes are created with it, it requires modification of the content blocks. Also, even latest Headway is full of bugs, so things are not as you might expect.

          Please wait...
          • Hello again Milla,

            First of all, thanks for adding support for Socrates and for your honest opinion.

            What I like most of Headway is the design flexibility. A good reason to choose it as a base to build my sites but, after reading your comments it’s obvious that it is not the best option. Not at least until they fix they errors you mention. In addition, content blocks are another complication.

            Since I have to discard two of the frameworks I have purchased 🙁

            Can you please tell me your opinion about iThemes Builder and PageLines from a developer point of view? Any experience with those ones? Will I face similar problems as with Headway?
            As you know these are Frameworks that support Child Themes, drag&drop capabilities and it’s possible to create custom page templates as well. Two options I’m considering if they are fully compatible with your plugins.

            And a last question: Does your Framework support Child Themes? It’s not clear to me if the Themes you offer are child themes or are based on the framework but work independently.

            Thanks again,

            Please wait...
            • iThemes Builder suffer same issues as Headway, I can’t make templates you can easily integrate, you must make them in design mode. And PageLines is also on my black list due to same objections as with Genesis, and generally not very well written code, I had problems with each theme I have tried and I don’t want to work with them anymore, at least until they do things as they should be. ElegantThemes and WooThemes are generally very well made themes (I used themes from both many times and I never had any issues) and and they follow all WordPress specs in supporting post types and other things, and both will have one theme added in next version of the plugin for direct integration. I am not aware of any framework with drag&drop and templates use in the same time.

              For my xScape themes, there is a main xScape Core theme, and each individual theme is a child theme for that one reusing framework, templates and other code. xScape uses templates a bit different from other themes, but easier to modify considering that content is separated from page layout. Because of that you can adjust blocks on the page to an extent, and that gives very good flexibility. If you want, I can create a demo website, and you can try framework and all themes.


              Please wait...
          • Dear Milan,

            For some reason there is not a replay button at your last post so I replay here (now I’m logged-in).

            Look. Your advice is pure gold so I have purchased a developer license of Xcape. I understand that your time is valuable so now I will be able to experiment without you having to create test accounts. I’m waiting for the verification from Shareit.

            Thanks again for all your good advice. If I had meet you some months ago I would have saved hundreds of dollars and a LOT of time.

            Regarding your advice about ElegantThemes and WooThemes:

            – I love ElegantThemes too. Now I know that are not only great designers.
            – My preferred Woo theme is Canvas 🙂

            Well. That’s all. I’ll let you now how it goes.

            Best Wishes,

            Please wait...
            • Hi,

              Thread response is limited to 5 levels, so after that there is no reply. As I said, I could have made you demo website to try themes. But, when you download theme now, make sure to get Core version of the theme and xScape Core theme (it will be available for download after purchase also). Pro versions of the theme are old standalone versions that are no longer maintained, and will be hidden from website in the next couple of days.


              Please wait...
          • Hi milan,

            > make sure to get Core version of the theme and xScape Core theme

            I don’t see any xScape Core theme in my panel. Which one is the child theme you’re talking about?. The baseScape?


            Please wait...
            • Last month all themes are converted to child themes and they are now available as such, but require xScape Core theme. There is a post explaining this:

              Please wait...
          • Sorry Mila but I don’t understand.

            I understand how child themes work because I have been using other frameworks as I already explained. Frameworks that I have discarded following your advice.


            I have purchased the xScape Framework.
            I log-in into my account. Then:

            – I can’t access to the Framework forum (or any other Theme forum)
            – I can’t download the Framework. When I click on “My Themes” the page is blank.
            – I still have 1 more developer edition available to assign
            – There is no option to choose or download any xScape Core theme or child of any kind
            -The only option I see is to choose among any of these Single Themes Licenses:


            I’m sorry to ask for this totally unrelated issue here but I can’t post in the Theme forums (Access Denied). You have my email so feel free to send me the information on how should I proceed to be able to download the Theme and to access to the forum.

            Best Regards,

            Please wait...
          • Sorry about the confusion, email sent with info.

            Please wait...
  3. Hey, I am using Elegantthemes and all of their themes are based on same framework, can you please add direct support for all their themes, in the next update?

    Please wait...
    • Yes it will. I have ElegantThemes license, and I will get some of the newer themes that fit in the use for this plugin. They use the framework, but themes don’t always have same HTML strucutre, but I don’t think that there are too many differences.

      Please wait...
      • They have very few theme related to eCommerce one is eStore and the other is Boutique…please try to add support for them. many thanks!

        Please wait...
        • eStore will be in next version.

          Please wait...
          • Thanks!

            Please wait...

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