Main goal with 4.3 is to finish the plugin core changes started with 4.2 version. Now, focus is on modularity, and many of the plugin features will be handled as modules for better control in the multisite/network environments. Some new features and fixes will be also included.

Some of the plugin features will not be usable and controlled for network mode for whole network and individual websites. This means that: Admin Bar, SMTP, Maintenance Mode and Debugger will be both site and network modules. Sitemap Generator and SEO will be site only modules. Settings saving will be changed, plugin loading optimized and new modules based core structure improved. With these changes whole network can be put under maintenance mode, individual sites in the network can control SMTP settings and debugger.

Other changes will include: Cron panel can show source for the jobs, main tracker (used by debugger) can be load from the wp-config.php, database panel takes into account table engine, and plugin can take into account differences between MyISAM and InnoDB engines. As for the fixes, minor network problems are taken care of, minor problems with FaceBook image meta tag with some themes.

In continuation of adding SEO features, support for robots meta tags is expanded with custom post types and custom taxonomies. Also, 3 more robots meta tags are added, specific to Google search engine, bringing total of supported robot tags to 11.

New plugin version will be released on November 28 2011.

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