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Teaser: Enhancing Taxonomies

This is the first teaser post, and I can promise more to come this year, whenever a major new feature is introduced in plugin or in the xScape theme framework. This time, it’s a combination of xScape Framework and GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin. Read on…

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro 2.5 will be released this Sunday, with xScape Theme Framework 1.5.7 following on Monday.Basic idea about the new feature is very simple: add images to terms belonging to a taxonomy (any taxonomy including categories and post tags). A while back (two years almost), I have made TVScape.NET website that for taxonomies displays images. Images are pulled from the folder based on the term slug name. It was effective, but it needed a lot of coding. Result is here. Each series is a term in a series taxonomy. It looks really effective, and it is a great addition to website.

Image for Terms
Image for Terms

So, GD CPT Tools Pro is adding new special feature that allows you to use WP Media Library and assign images from the library to individual terms. Plugin implement functions you can use in own themes to get the images attached. You can see that on the image on the right.

But, xScape implements all that and can use these images starting with new framework version. Basic templates for taxonomies and for archives are updated to use new features. New options are added to layout manager so you can control what is displayed (display or hide term image, and set it’s size). Getting all that now can be done without a single line of code written using only GD CPT Tools Pro and any xScape theme.

Terms with Images
Terms with Images

End result in the taxonomy terms page template is on the image on the left. New template supports paging if you have many terms, and number of terms is controlled from layout manager.

So, in the next few days I will further improve GD CPT Tools Pro plugin and new features include: editing default post types and default taxonomies, improved interface and many more code changes and optimizations. For now, users with Dev4Press Bundle License can get current development version of the plugin from SVN (contact me if you didn’t get your SVN access info). All themes will updated with new framework and will have updated templates. I will publish a video on using the feature in both plugin and theme, and updated documentation to include added functions.

Discounts: I have expanded the Christmas and New Year Discount coupons validity, and they can be used until January 18 2011. So, you can still get big discount for and get both plugin(s) and theme(s) and take advantage of the great features already in them, or coming soon. Coupons are here.

If you have any suggestion about the new feature and how it can be improved, please leave a comment.

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