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Teaser: GD Press Tools 4 XML Sitemaps Generator II

I have almost completed the work on the XML Sitemaps Generator feature for upcoming GD Press Tools Pro 4.0 and it works very well in both normal and multisite installations. This post shows you how the sitemap build results screen look like with different files and data about the build process.

Sitemap Build Status
Sitemap Build Status

You can see when the map is built, how many files are in it and how many links. You see used PHP memory and time needed to build the map. On this image you see that post types are split each one into separate file, but all taxonomies are in one, and all date archives in one. You can control splitting in different ways depending on your content.

Build process will product 5 files in most cases, or more depending on settings. 4 files are actual maps (double that if you want both uncompressed XML and compressed GZIP files) and one is for index. Index is only one submitted to the search engines, they will find the rest of files from that one. Index file can contain only GZIP or XML versions, and by default GZIP versions are included. You see size and number of links of each file and if the file belongs to the index file or not.

You can see results from sending sitemaps notifications to search engines.

Plugin will be released during this month. Few more teases and updates are coming soon.

Promo coupon to get 40% discount for this plugin (for yearly recurring payments standard and developer licenses only): GDPRESSTOOLS4. Coupon is active now, and can be used until March 1 2011.

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