Another new teaser for the upcoming major version of the ultimate wordpress administration plugin GD Press Tools Pro 4.0. This time it is for a brand new feature: XML Sitemaps Generator that will be more flexible and powerful than currently available plugins.

There are several XML Sitemaps plugins available, but none of them is flexible enough to cover all things I need for my projects, and none of them has full and proper support for multisite installations. XML Sitemaps in new GD Press Tools 4.0 Pro will support all sitemaps features including different methods of splitting maps into files, working with custom post types and custom taxonomies, several methods of expanding maps, controlling when to run sitemaps rebuilding and more. Here is the screenshot of the panel where sitemaps content is controlled.

GD Press Tools 4.0: XML Sitemaps Content
GD Press Tools 4.0: XML Sitemaps Content

Plugin will be released during this month. Few more teases and updates are coming soon.

Promo coupon to get 40% discount for this plugin (for yearly recurring payments standard and developer licenses only): GDPRESSTOOLS4. Coupon is active now, and can be used until March 1 2011.

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  1. This is great feature, build and split all network sitemaps?

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    1. MillaN says:

      Yes, it works with multisite installations with each site in the network having own maps and with full support for custom post types and custom taxonomies and with many options to control how the maps are built.

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