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Teaser: GD Products Center Specifications Rendering

GD Products Center is an upcoming plugin, very much unique on the WordPress plugin market. Plugin can be used to build the products database for different product types, giving user great freedom in defining product properties with powerful rendering and theme integration.

There are many features planned for this plugin, and sometime next week plugin will be released in its alpha stage. At this point, 90% of the admin side is done, and some 20% of the front end rendering. For frontend rendering I am working with R8 theme. Here is the screenshot of a single product specification page:

GD Products Center: Singe Product Specifications
GD Products Center: Singe Product Specifications

If you look at the product title, underneath you can see 5 links: Specifications, Related, Review, Reviews and Media. These are 5 separate pages you get for each product. You can control which of these you actually want for each product type. One of them can be set as a main one. Bellow that is a Manufacturer, and this is the taxonomy for this product type, and terms for it, in this case only one. You can assign as many taxonomies as you want.

GD Products Center 0.7 Alpha #1 is expected next week. It is preview version and many features will be still missing. Stable 1.0 version is expected in about 3-5 weeks.

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